Describe zero, please.

Easy to write, hard to describe.

Technically, it has a bunch of meanings, at least one is mathematical, and least one is philosophical.

As it turns out, the mathematical version of Zero was a fairly recent invention. It has an actual definition, and it’s own condominium on the Number Line. It looks like a circle, sort of, or maybe an “O”.

The philosophical definition is the one I am asking you to describe.

So, most people refer to zero as “nothing”

Well, gee, what is nothing? Is it a table with no plates, or an empty church pew, or a saddle with no rider,  or what’s inside a balloon, or what happens inside your brain when someone asks you what zero is, or the endless vacuum of space, or a battery at 0%, or even worse, no internet?

Well, no. Nothing is nothing. Literally. Gee … what’s that?

You are in luck. Binary Dimension Theory has a definition for zero that makes perfect sense.

Zero is the lack of dimension, and therefore, the total lack of stuff. Zero dimension means zero junk in the trunk. Not even an empty vacuum. Not even total darkness with no internet. It means a total lack of anything, anyone, anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Pretty easy really, but hard to get your brain around.

OK, can you imagine zero dimension?

If you are thinking of a place, that’s not it, because even emply places have dimension. If you are thinking of something really really small, that’s not it, because even the teeniest, tinyest stuff has dimension.

What about thoughts? Hmmm. What about feelings? Hmm. What about God? Hmmm.

So are your thoughts and feelings  = zero? Nope.

Is God = Zero? Nope.

There is a nexus between the notion of Zero and Dimensioned Space. It is called a Higgs Gate, and it has a curious property.

One side of the Higgs Gate has dimension, the other does not.

Zero Dimension and Dimension together form  Binary Dimension Theory.

You are learning to swim in The Pool. Check out the piece on Infinity. It’s equally cool.

Please remember to breath.