Worm Holes

The coolest thing to come out of Hollywood during my lifetime is the visualization of Worm Holes.

They look, and sometimes feel, convincing, and science does it’s best to propagate the illusion.

Here’s the gig. There are no such things as wormholes. Sorry.

There are certainly physical analogs in nature that we see and understand, though. Whirlpools in a brook, or water draining out of sinks, or tornado shapes or even huge storms as viewed from space.

They all have a telltale physical structure that leads to our notion of wormholes in space that connected really cool vacation spots.

That whirlpool shape. It repeats in nature over and over and over, for good reason.

If you have spent much time in The Pool, you will have read bits about Higgs Chains, and the basic fractal geometry of Dimension. Both give a window into the Whirlpool shape, and exactly what causes it.

I will repeat it here, for your convenience. Fractal Compression is the phenomenon that gives rise to the Whirlpools observed in nature. Simple as that.

Well, hold on, if Binary Dimension Theory contains structures that explain whirlpools, why not wormholes.

Well, you are in luck.

It’s not exactly the Hollywood version of wormholes, but there are some similarities predicted by, and within, Binary Dimension Theory.

I will leave you with a teaser of sorts. Binary Dimension Theory predicts volumes in cartesian fractal  manifolds that connect blobs of dimension.

The volumes are predicted to be cyllindrical, axially aligned, and connected across vast volumes.

In a picture of the Universe they would look like threads connecting galaxies or groups of galaxies.

I do not know if they have been observed yet, but they are there, and may have a component that is visible in wavelengths we can observe, if we know how and where to look.

Are they wormholes? No, not in the Hollywood sense. By that I mean that everybody wouldn’t look fuzzy then get stretched into noodles, accompanied by psychedelic lights, then squirt out the back end looking like nothing odd just happened. They are, however, connectors of sorts, that are likely traversable by objects of roughly similar Dimensional Density.

Feel free to find a virtual worm hole to other parts of The Pool. Your mouse knows the way. Enjoy.