Why do Galaxies look like Seashells and Roses?

Good question, which I will answer straight off.

Because Galaxies and Seashells and Roses are the same things in different scales. They share identical fractal self organizing rules that define the way they form and grow. They are literally built the same way, so they look the same. 

Well, that’s impossible, right? Nah.

Seashells and Galaxies and Roses and all the stuff in the Universe is made of fractal structures. In fact they are infinitely scalable fractal manifolds that make up a larger fractal manifold.

If you view ANYTHING in high, or low,  enough resolution, you will see the same exact shape, because that’s what fractals are…..self organizing geometries based on simple rule sets. If any part doesn’t look immediately right, just zoom in or out a bit and the shape will reappear.

Yeah, I know, it’s mind bending, but at the same time, it’s exceedingly easy.

Look in The Pool….you will find that Dimension forms Higgs Chains and Higgs Junctions and Higgs Gates. They are all part of a Cartesian infinitely scalable fractal manifold that we call The Universe.

Guess what?

The Universe looks like a Seashell, and a Rose.

Why? Because it has to. At the largest scale and the smallest scale, it always looks the same way.

Fun, huh?

Have a swim in The Pool. Check out all the little whirlpools in the water as you swim.

Do they look familiar?

Maybe like a Seashell, or a Galaxy, or a Rose?

Gee….imagine that.