White Holes

Imagine my surprise to have been watching a Netflix program about The Universe, and seeing references to White Holes. Wait, what?

Did the the Physics Collective finally get something right?

Kind of.

It would appear that White Holes are a recent development in the world of Physics, who knows….but it is certainly the first time I have seen such a reference, and it made me smile.

According to the video, unlike Black Holes, which consume stuff, White Holes spew stuff, LOTS of stuff. They are the everlasting gobstopping spewers of The Universe. It was suggested that a White Hole yakked out the Big Bang. Wow, that’s quite a feat, even for the Mother of all White Pieholes. Yeah, right.

White Holes are certainly interesting Hollywood drivel, sort of like Black Holes….where bright ideas are dramatically portrayed as fundamental truths or likely so.

While Black, and White Hole constructs undoubtedly exist, they are no where near what Hollywood would have you think.

So……..Hollywood…..Close, but NO CIGAR.

Ok, here’s the skinny….

Binary Dimension Theory allows for the phenomenon described as White Holes. The direct corollary is a Higgs Gate, which is a fundamental construct of Binary Dimension Theory.

Higgs Gates are the boundaries between The Dimensioned and The Undimensioned. Sounds confusing, but it’s exceedingly simple.

Since every bit of fluff in The Universe came through Higgs Gates, they are technically White Holes, of sorts.

Yes, you read itright, EVERYTHING that ever entered The Universe, or ever will, transits a Higgs Gate. It’s the only way in and the only way out.

Higgs Gates are the sole sources and sinks for Dimension, which constitutes everything in The Universe.

There was no Big Bang, or any other exploding events…just Dimension emerging through Higgs Gates. What happened after that is why The Pool of Thought exists.

Here’s a clue…..it is likely that the objects currently known as Black Holes are actually Black and White Holes combined…..in other words, they eat matter and spew dimension.

In Binary Dimension Theory terms, that means a Black Hole collects and fractally compresses Higgs Junctions, while simultaneously emitting Higgs Chains and Dimension.

If you could see Dimension, Black Holes would be the brightest objects in the Universe.

Hint: That’s why all the Galaxies in the Universe are willy-nilli flying apart, instead of kludging together. Duh.

If you would like to know more about Higgs Gates, and other really cool fundamental truths, have a look elsewhere in The Pool. Easy to find.

In the mean time, have a nice swim. The Pool is relaxing today.