Who Jacked all the Dark Matter?

Today I read an interesting article about a gent that claims to have discovered the missing 95% of stuff currently referred to as Dark Matter.

Just FYI, as of this second, nobody knows where all the postulated Dark Matter is. My assumption is that somebody jacked it as an intergalactic practical joke.

It wouldn’t be a big deal, but hey, it’s supposed to be 95% of everything in the Universe, and it’s gone missing. Nobody seems to care, they all just close their eyes and pretend that it’s all good. 

So…..the thought that somebody actually might have found it was a big announcement in the Physics world, or seemed to be.

He reportedly made the discovery analyzing Data from Fast Radio Bursts from deep space.

I think his conclusion was something like “the missing stuff is in deep space” because Fast Radio Bursts act wonky when they pass through the allegedly Dark Matter, and some colored charts were offered as proof.

Well, gee wiz, really?

I get a kick out reading about somebody finding the hugerific pile of Dark Matter that we think exists, maybe.

Has anybody ever considered that Dark Matter doesn’t exist in the first place? Maybe we’re using the wrong framework to understand the problem?

It’s comical to me, but the Physics world eats it up. Go figure.

Dark Matter, and Dark Energy don’t exist, by the way. They are both crutches, or more accurately stated, galactic fudge factors we invented because our current theories of the Cosmos simply don’t make sense, given what we observe in the space around us.

By the way, the guys that dream up the Dark Matter stuff are exceedingly brilliant. They didn’t lack brains, they lack a Unitary physics framework that actually makes sense.

OK, so here’s the “what’s your point” of this writing; there IS a unitary physics framework that makes sense, All the time. It is called Binary Dimension Theory. It is easy to understand, and it explains all the conundrums like Dark Matter and Dark Energy, and everything else, for that matter.

Here’s the scoop. Binary Dimension theory predicts that space isn’t empty, or even close to empty.

Space is literally held open by units of Dimension. It’s not lost, it’s literally what space is made of. Yeah it looks dark and feels cold, but if our human senses could actually see and feel Dimension, the whole sky would be bright and full of cool constructs we never dreamed of.

The Missing Dark Matter isn’t missing at all. It is actually just raw Dimension, and the stuff that Dimension forms, like Higgs Junctions and Higgs Chains. Really simple. Really easy to understand. No Missing 95% theories required.

If you are interested in finding the missing 95% of stuff that current physics can’t account for, simply switch to Binary Dimension Theory. Everything will make sense in a jiffy.

The Pool of Thought is full of Binary Dimension Theory stuff to get you up to speed fast.

Enjoy The Pool. It is refreshing today.