Time Travel

This is an easy topic to address.

Doesn’t exist. Not even close.

Binary Dimension Theory holds that dimension is a scalable fractal, which means that apparent physics are inherently unquantized, and the notion of co-incidence is meaningless.

Huh? Time cannot be merged, because no two “times references” can be equal. It’s utter nonsense, although clearly seductive nonsense.

Time is an artifact of how complex organic structures perceive fractal scaling (dimensional density variations) in the presence of Higgs Junctions and Higgs Chains.

Please read that again, because it is the most profound sentence you have ever read.

Time only exists because we are here to think it.

There is no other way to say it. That is what the apparent quantity we sense as TIME really is. You heard it here first.

Time travel is a romantic thought experiment that has zero basis in the observable universe.

Easy peasy.

The Pool is relaxing today.