Time Crystals

Today in the news feed there was an interesting physics piece about an apparently new state of matter. Even more incredible, the new state of matter had been discovered by a Google-owned Quantum Computer.

The Headline was ” Eureka Eureka Eureka, Time Crystals. Google’s Time Crystals could be the greatest scientific achievements of our times.”

My reaction was about the same as the lady in the above picture. 

Yeah, right.

Time Crystals predicted by Quantum Computers, uh huh.

Last time I checked, Quantum Computers couldn’t even tie their math shoes, much less do anything actually useful. 

So, recapping the box score, today’s best Physics Brains can’t find 95% of the stuff in The Universe using every tool available,  but a Quantum Computer in the Google basement can find Time Crystals.

Please excuse my skepticism.

Spoiler Alert: Time Crystals don’t exist. Quantum Computers do exist, but they are basically useless, and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

OK, enough poking fun at Google’s Time Crystals, and the absolute fallacy of Quantum Computing.

Here’s the straight skinny…as derived from Binary Dimension Theory…

States of Matter don’t matter, States of Fractal Dimension DO matter.

The States of Fractal Dimension (in order of Dimensional Density) are;

  1. Chaotic
  2. Chains
  3. Junctions

Yeah, you were waiting for Solids, Liquids, Gasses, Plasmas and Time Crystals. Time to reshuffle the deck.

Because fractal structures are self organizing and repeating, the States of Everything are predictable…chaotic to chains to junctions to chaotic to chains to junctions…really easy. No Time Crystals or Unicorns or Quantum Computers involved.

This is really easy stuff, honest.


Chaotic (apparently disorganized)

Chains (axially aligned)

Junctions (geometric lattice).

Have a nice swim. Watch out for crazy stuff like Unicorns and Time Crystals.