The Zero Conundrum

Binary Dimension Theory comes with an unavoidable conundrum.

At present, there is no mathematical solution to resolve the conundrum.

There is no standing fractal math that I am aware of, other than Hausdorff Dimension. However, the Hausdorff Dimension is insufficient to explain much of anything useful.

Until fractal algebra or fractal calculus or, eventually, fractal physics wanders into the discussion, logic and common sense will have to suffice.

The issue is trying to understand, or even more difficult, to explain what Zero Dimension means in the context of fractals.

The conundrum is this…there are at least two ways to approach nothingness. By nothingness, I mean fractal zero.

One way is to fractally compress into infinite teenyness. So small and densely packed that it literally shrinks to nothingness….the other way is to fractally expand into infinite largeness, so large and dispersed that it literally evaporates away into nothingness.

Sounds crazy eh? Compress stuff until it disappears, or expand it until it disappears. Either way, the endpoint has zero density, zero mass, zero entropy, zero enthalpy, and is literally and unthinkably immune to detection by our instruments or senses.

In other words, both halves of the conundrum converge at a fractal limit of zero.

In Binary Dimension Theory, the fractal limit of Zero is important. It is known as a Higgs Gate.

Higgs Gates are the boundary where The Dimensioned and The Undimensioned meet. It is a fundamental construct of Binary Dimension Theory.

The Conundrum also leads to some staggering real world conclusions. Most notably that somehow the very bottoms of black holes are inextricably merged with the distal edge of deepest, darkest, most distant space. Amazing….all fractal manifolds with single horned tori geometry are identical, no  matter how small or how large. That’s what fractal means.

Spoiler Alert: The Universe is in a fractal manifold with the distinctive geometry of a horned tori, which is identical to the geometry of the most basic unit of Dimension.

In a way, it’s really cool because it sums up the physical shape the Universe up nicely…if you take the time to learn about Dimension and Higgs Chains, Higgs Junctions and Higgs Gates.

The aforementioned constructs are searchable in The Pool.

Have a lovely swim.