Flying Saucers

I’ve never seen one. Unfair.

People ask me about flying saucers because  I worked in the Department of Defense in highly classified Research and Development programs, so they assume that I am a fountain of Saucer Awesomeness.

Yes, my programs were beyond the bleeding edge. Yes, some flew. Yes, the smartest minds in the most prestigious laboratories in the world were involved.

Did I ever see any Flying Saucer stuff, EVER?

Did I ever hear anybody in DoD even mention Saucers?


Not even a whiff.

It’s just not fair.

Ok, so what does this post have to do with Flying Saucers?

Simple. Binary Dimension Theory does not preclude them, and in fact, sets the stage for their existence.

1. Space isn’t what you were taught. Its a variable density fractal manifold. Traveling inside variable density manifolds is NOT like walking next door. WARNING: Objects in your mirror may be much closer than they appear.

2. The Speed of Light is variable. There is no upper limit. Einstein was dead wrong. The inescapable conclusion is that mind numbing distance is not a problem for mind numbing speed.

3. Physics is variable. That means that what you have experienced, or think is possible is just the tip of the Galactic Iceberg. Big forces are the norm. The stuff we experience every day is child’s play. Is the Physics of Saucers possible? Big YES.

4. Gravity and Magnetism are POORLY understood. Binary Dimension Theory says they are simple fractal constructs that we lack a body of mathematics to understand, yet. Are Gravity and Magnetism, in the Binary Dimension sense, the most likely candidates for Saucer propulsion? Big YES.

In short, Flying Saucers would be just another pedestrian example of interaction between Higgs Chains and Higgs Junctions. Binary Dimension Theory predicts and explains it clearly. Feel free to peruse The Pool of Thought to learn more.

So, in the context of Binary Dimension Theory, Flying Saucers are possible. When combined with the likelihood of life throughout the Universe, they become a probability, not just a possibility.

Binary Dimension Theory says Flying Saucers are WAY possible, WAY probable, and sets out the basic building blocks of understanding why.

In the public domain there is a body of information about a guy named Bob Lazar. He is an interesting character with some interesting stories about reverse engineering flying saucers at the S4 facility of Area 51. I have written about his stuff in The Pool. It speaks to Interstellar Propulsion Systems and some such, and is actually an interesting read. 

So, yes, I think Intergalactic Uber exists.

But, I still haven’t seen it in action. Not fair.

When in The Pool, look up. Maybe you will see one.

If offered a ride, I recommend you politely, but firmly, decline.