The Physics of God

Prologue: People from around the world revisit this article every day, over, and over, and over. I cannot explain this phenomenon, except to speculate that somehow, this writing helps them to connect with what they know to be true.


Consternation. Trying to describe God in ANY terms is tricky business.

Physics is a special case of tricky business. There is no allowance for, nor any prevailing theories that account for God in the current Physics parlance. At least, none that I am aware of.

Well, it’s time.

First things first. Describing God is impossible. Anyone or anything that attempts to do so should be summarily dismissed as sheer speculation, or artifact of folklore.

However, describing a framework to think about God is not impossible.

In fact, it is exceedingly easy to understand, and is based on almost everyone’s personal experience.

Binary Dimension Theory is a great framework to use to discuss God.

Binary Dimension Theory is Binary, after all, meaning that there are only two parts.

In Binary Dimension Theory, there is only The Dimensioned and The Undimensioned.

The Dimensioned is literally the Universe we live in. It is defined in mathematics as a variable fractal manifold, filled solely with fractal constructs.

The Undimensioned is a construct NOT characterized by length, width, height, time, or anything else you have ever been schooled in.  The Undimensioned shares exactly ZERO of the physical attributes of the Universe as you know it.

Binary Dimension Theory says The Undimensioned is the superset of the Universe (The Dimensioned).

It also says that The Undimensioned is the source and sink of Dimension, in other words, the source and sink of everything you know or have ever known.

Inescapable conclusion: The Undimensioned is what we have been taught to be God.

Please read that again. The Undimensioned is what you know as God.

Please note The Undimensioned IS NOT an anthropomorphism. It is NOT a person that tells you send money, or that if you do something objectionable, you will go to Hell, whatever that is.

The Undimensioned is a Physics construct, not a cultural icon used to control you.

Bear witness:

The Undimensioned is devoid of volume, time, baryonic stuff, or anything else our senses are designed to detect, which is problematic.

Good news, your brain is a biologic Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Network. When fed trillions of data bits over decades, it learns to detect factal patterns that your individual senses cannot detect directly.

Your brain, with sufficient training data, can detect the presence of The Undimensioned.

In other words, your brain can detect the presence of God.

So…making sense of The Undimensioned in Physics terms is entirely possible.

Making sense of God in the solely litturgical sense is problematic.

When the Litturgicals say things like “God beyond all understanding”, that’s what they mean, I think. It’s odd to me that they got it right and spooled it into legend based solely on faith.

Welcome to my humble blog…. a worthless rag attempting to describe what we can’t get our collective brains around, but instinctively know to be God….. in simple Physics terms.


Take a short break here. The stuff you just read is profound, and it takes a bit of internal reflection to let it sink in. You can get your brain around it, honest.


From Binary Dimension Theory, please recall that The Undimensioned and the Dimensioned are linked via Higgs Gates, which are Physics constructs described as mathematical limits.

Please also recall that The Undimensioned is the superset of The Dimensioned.

In mathematics and physics terms, that means that God (The Undimensioned) is the superset of The Universe.

In people terms, that means that God is the sole source, and sink, of ALL of the Universe.

Please read that again.

Gee, that sounds familiar, except that in this case, the framework for understanding God is based in Physics and Mathematics, not legend, folklore or books of faith.

To my knowledge, this is a unique approach to understanding God in simple terms, using science and math as a framework for understanding.

OK, so what?

Well, here’s the good part….

All humanity, every culture has a construct for God. Without exception. 

It begs the question, if our senses can’t directly detect God (The Undimensioned), then how could we possible all reach the same conclusion that God is possible at all? 

Easy. Binary Dimension Theory Describes Higgs Gates as a basic result of the fractal nature of Dimension, and therefore, The Universe. Everything in The Universe is connected to The Undimensioned via Higgs Gates

That means that every human is directly connected to God via Higgs Gates, all the time.

Your five individual senses can’t directly detect Higgs Gates, but the deep learning convolutional neural network(s) of your brain can and do learn to detect, and interpret information flows through Higgs Gates.

It’s much like how current Artificial Intelligence, in the form of deep learning neural networks learn to infer patterns in ways that humans can’t. 

Human brains are similar, but immensely more powerful in analyzing the fractal patterns the five senses individually present. 

Over time, your brain not only detects, but gradually learns to infer context and meaning from the Higgs Gate connection.

That’s how your brain detects and interprets the presence of God. It knows God exists without being explicitly told. That’s why all peoples in all cultures experience the same mental construct known as God. It’s unavoidable because it’s a direct result of the most basic fractal design of The Universe.

Really simple.

That’s how God can be described in really simple terms using a basic Math/Physics framework named Binary Dimension Theory.

Too easy eh?

Is your brain tired of swimming in this part of The Pool?

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