The Physics of Easter

Easter used to be a conundrum for me. I understood it was supposed to be a celebration of some sort, but couldn’t understand why somebody had to die to and come back to life to make the Bunny appear.

As it turns out, there is a perfectly viable physics framework that makes it easy for God to come to my front door, and then go back whence he came. Please read on.

It’s called Binary Dimension Theory, and it’s easy.

Binary Dimension Theory gives us another gift, and it is a good one.

As the first Physics Theory (that I know of), that postulates a defined boundary between Our physical world and something incredibly different, Easter becomes a probability, not a possibility.

Elsewhere in The Pool you will find reference to Higgs Gates. You will also find a correlation between Higgs Gates and Heaven, if you swim long enough.

For Christians, in particular, the Higgs Gate is good news, because it acts as a portal out of, and into, our Dimensioned Universe, and is the basis of The Easter Story.

So is it possible to pass through a Higgs Gate? Yes, it is where the elements that constitute your body, and where your soul came from, though not likely simultaneously.

Can your soul go back? Yes. Can the constituents of your body go back? Surely. Binary Dimension Theory is built around the Higgs Gate as a boundary into and out of our Dimensioned Universe.

So could Jesus, or (fill in your favorite faith entity), have passed through, and then returned through a Higgs Gate? Yes, of course. Souls travel Higgs Gates unimpeded.

Suddenly Easter is no longer an article of blind faith. It is instead an imminently possible, and highly probable construct of Theoretical Physics.

Happy Easter!

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