The Schtick of God

Like you, I have no idea what the Schtick of God means.

I was lucky to find an uncopyrighted picture of a guy holding one.

I thought about calling it the Law of Fractal Geometries,  but as it turns out, all the other physical world laws suck like a tornado, and I have no intention of adding another stinker to the pile.

Hence, The Schtick of God shall be a loosely bound set of Seven Schtickly Postulates intended to infer organization to Binary Dimension Theory, and Fractal Geometry.


  1.  The Undimensioned is unbounded.
  2.  The Dimensioned is bounded by Zero and Infinity, because theories sans math suck.
  3.  The Undimensioned and Dimensioned, form the Fundamental Law of Identity, which means there is literally nothing else, so stop looking.
  4.  The Dimensioned is commonly known as The Universe. The Undimensioned is commonly known as God, Heaven, Nirvana, or stuff like that. 
  5.  The Dimensioned is a subset of The Undimensioned. More accurately, The Universe is a subset of Heaven (or your fav synonym). 
  6.  The Universe is fractal.
  7.  The Universe consists solely of Higgs Chains, Higgs Junctions and at least one Higgs Gate.

OK, by my count, that’s everything that is, every was, or ever will be in seven lines.

Schticked out? Me too.

I know, it’s silly and short, but it’s the most fundamentally comprehensive theory in the history of history, so there.

It is overwhelmingly profound, but bears a vague resemblance to a Monty Python skit.

Go figure. Remember, you saw it here first.

OK, lets relax in The Pool…

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  1. I have been thinking about the physics of death for a year now. I am somewhat of a layperson when it comes to physics but I have a background to understand what you are saying and I’m very curious. Please email me. I want to ask you some questions which may appear somewhat naive to a physicist. Everyone comes at this with a perspective. If you excuse me, I’ll excuse you. Lol. I look forward to hearing from you!

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