The Fractal Geometry of the Universe

There is a wonderful book by Wolfram, called A New Kind of Science. The book is big and heavy. In it, Wolfram describes how simple rule sets generate extremely complex systems.

I spent several years studying Wolfram’s book, contemplating the pictures of apparently chaotic systems that suddenly self organize into a highly ordered system and then crumble again into apparent chaos.

Being a Cryptologist, the patterns in Wolfram’s book were strangely seductive.

It was clear to me that Wolfram hit on a fundamental principle of organization of the Universe.

I realized that some of the systems in Wolfram’s book were simple fractals, that chaos is merely an illusion, and that fractal systems merely appear to be chaotic as a fundamental feature of their existence. In essence, chaos does not exist.

There is a predictable cycle between apparent disorganization and well-ordered patterns. It’s a basic behavior of fractal systems, and it describes The Universe exactly.

OK, here’s where Binary Dimension Theory comes in.

Binary Dimension Theory says that EVERYTHING is made of Dimension, and Dimension has a particular shape, a horned torus fractal geometry like a whirlpool. The whirlpool is big and open on one end, and small and compressed on the other.

Here’s a logical conclusion about the fractal geometry of Dimension that is key to Binary Dimension Theory;

As the horned torus spirals inward in an ever-decreasing radius, compressive acceleration occurs, and a dimensional density differential forms.

A differential dimensional density. Remember that.

The differential dimensional density gradient creates observable forces we all know well. We have observed and measured Dimensional compression for as long as humans have existed, but never understood what caused it in the first place.

I’m talking about the forces of gravity and magnetism, among others.

The horned torus fractal geometry of Dimension is what produces the self organizing, self repeating patterns in nature. Not mysterious at all. No math involved. No big thinking involved. Really simple.

If you could see Dimension, it would look like a sphere made out of whirlpools, all originating from the center of the sphere. No matter how you view the sphere, you would be looking into a whirling vortex.

dimension = fractal compression

therefore: dimension = gravity, without exception.

Think of the thousands of times you have observed whirlpools in nature. All were directly observable scales of fractal compression, and all were common examples of the underlying fractal geometry of what we observe as gravity.

It has been hiding in plain sight for millenia. Every child understands it, yet no adult has explained it, until now.

Keep swimming. The Pool is nice today.