The Big Bang

The cover picture is an unabashed taunt.

The Pool kisses no ring.

There was no Big Bang, except on TV, which I don’t and will never, ever watch, ever.

No dispute that there is a lot of hot and cold, angry, visible junk in the universe.

Binary Dimension Theory requires no Big Bangs. There are also no Quantum Fluctuations, Afterglow Lights, or Dark Energy as the above diagram depicts.

I still really like the diagram though. Decidedly bitchin’

Back to reality.

The terms used in the following paragraphs, as defined by Binary Dimension Theory, include Dimension, Higgs Chains, Higgs Junctions and Higgs Gates. Feel free to research the terms elsewhere in The Pool.  They are EASY to find and are easily understandable.

Anyway, the entire Universe is composed of Dimension. Nothing else, at all.

Dimension, or The Dimensioned, the noun, is a “thing” that has a fractal geometry that literally holds space open.

Soooo…the first “thing” was a single unit of Dimension which emerged from a Higgs Gate. It was more like the first bit of water out of a hose, followed by a steady stream of Dimension that slowly caused a bubble filled with cold dimension plasma.

There were no big bangs, or little bangs, or any noises at all because there were no waves, just jumbled units of Dimension.

The jumbled bits of Dimension slowly self aligned, as all fractals do, into constructs called Higgs Chains. At that point, waves, as we know them, came into being.

So, the first thing human senses could have possible detected in the new Universe would have been Higgs Chains, small, random waves in a cold plasma of Dimension. You know Higgs Chains as waves, or energy, or both.

Why? Because Dimension, being fractal construct, self organizes into repeating structures of increasing complexity. It’s all still Dimension, but the increasing fractal complexity begets structures humans can differentiate.

In order of emergence into the Universe, the next, and last construct to be observed would have been Higgs Junctions. Higgs Junctions are “things” made of Dimension. You know Higgs Junctions as the units of the Periodic Table.

That’s all there is……Dimension, which enters and exits through Higgs Gates. Once in the Universe, the Dimension forms Higgs Chains, and Higgs Chains form Higgs Junctions. Everything is constructed from Dimension, without exception.

Why? Because that’s how fractals start, with really simple parts that  form repeating structures that become immensely complex systems, like our Universe. This is easy stuff, really. No need to overthink it.

So you may be thinking, gee, a Big Bang is stuck in my brain, and I can’t shake it out. Now what?

Check out Dimension, then Higgs Gates, then Higgs Chains, then Higgs Junctions….all are easily found elsewhere in The Pool.

No Big Bangs, sorry. Never happened.

It’s OK. You are in The Pool.

Just keep treading, you will be fine.