Quantum Entanglement

This piece is for my dear friend Rich, a fellow swabbie and Pool frequenter.

Neils Bohr and Albert Einstein had regular cat house brawls over this topic, hence the clearly understandable entanglement graphic.

By the way, neither party got it right. They stopped at the patently obvious, and failed completely to investigate the underlying structures. Alas, such was the state of physics 100 or so years ago.

Quantum entanglement is not something new, it is part of the fabric of dimension, the norm, not the exception. It is not voodoo or spooky or magical or abnormal, or even odd, for that matter.

In Binary Dimension Theory, quantum entanglement is pre-school stuff, so I have a hard time seeing what all the arguing was about.

Everybody knows what chains are. Links that are hooked together sequentially.

OK, nothing new here. The particular kind of chain that explains quantum entanglement is called a Higgs Chain.

Higgs Chains are axially aligned bits of dimension. They would look like whirlpools nested inside whirlpools, nested inside whirlpools.

Anywhere along the Higgs Chain, you will find entanglement. It is the nature of fractal geometry. It is also the nature of a chain, I mean seriously, have you ever met a chain that wasn’t entangled? No tangled links = no chain. Duh.

Feel free to peruse Higgs Chains elsewhere in The Pool, or not.

Oh, but here’s the big surprise, quantum entanglement is actually spherical, not just run of the mill, linear, point to point stuff, which is all that the Chinese have pieced together so far. So when the 50lb heads get far along enough to see the spherical nature of entanglement, there will be Nobel Prizes all around. Funny how life works.

What does this mean? It means that the framework we use to describe stuff is hosed up like a soup sandwich. Einstein and Bohr quarreled over how “spooky” quantum entanglement is. That is because they were stuck in the axioms of Euclid’s Geometry, which has ZERO relevance to the way the Universe is actually built. Our whole framework is, well, wrong. The stuff you learned in school was, well, wrong.

Step up to Binary Dimension Theory, it will suddenly all make sense.

Enjoy The Pool. Kick your feet. Quantum entanglement keeps you afloat. Imagine that.

Special Relativity – The Speed of Light

The Pool is challenging, because it gives no quarter and kisses no rings.


This is the Special Relativity end of The Pool. It was built by Albert Einstein. It was a great place to swim in the early 1900’s, back when people thought that light was a special category of stuff that explained how everything else behaved.

Unfortunately, most folks are still stuck there, which is tough, because the Special Relativity wing of The Pool has been drained for decades. Why so many people are still wriggling around the tiles, waving arms and kicking feet, is frankly beyond me.

Einstein said the Speed of Light is constant, and the upper speed limit could not be exceeded, at all, ever, no way, nuh-uh, nope, don’t even try.

He also said that if you did try to exceed the Speed of Light, wonky things start to happen. Cats and dogs would sleep together. Things, especially basketballs, would gain infinite mass. Pizza would stop sticking to the top of the box.

Not so fast. (pun)

What he failed to realize is that light is not special at all. It is the same as all other wavy stuff we experience all day, every day, like sound and waves on a pond.  As such, it makes no sense at all to single light out and use it as a universal standard.  It’s just dumb, sorry.

In fact, light is a type of Higgs Chain, and Higgs Chains are scalable fractals, which means that light is a scalable fractal too. When scalable fractals scale, they become variables. This means that all Higgs Chains have dimensioned characteristics, such as speed, that are variable.

It also means that Einstein was really smart 100 years ago, but the party is over.

Higgs Chains have no known upper speed limit, and no known lower speed limit. They do, however, observe the rules of the particular physics they are traversing when measured.

It is therefore dumb to assume that the any speed of anything can be a constant, or immutable.

It kind of sounds like Special Relativity, but it is not, because special relativity did not address variable dimensional density, which is the deal breaker for most of Einstein’s work.

No matter what Einstein said, the speed of light is not a constant. Never has been, never will be.

What you learned about light in school was wrong. It was a fair guess 100 years ago, but it was wrong.

It also means that any theory which is based on Special Relativity is dangerously flawed, or worse.

So, please exercise caution when diving into the Special Relativity section of The Pool.

You are welcome.