States of Matter

Yes, this post matters. It matters because you have never heard it before, and once you have, things will make a whole lot more sense.

I have been collecting books and papers addressing the topic of “States of Matter”. They are all difficult reads, because of the language used, and the accompanying mathematics offered as some sort of adjunct proof of the author’s intellect.

It’s a really cool pile of books. I am considering ingesting a few pages in the hope that eating them might impart more knowledge than reading them, because frankly, comic books make more sense.

Look, scientific terms and complex math aren’t required to understand states of matter. What IS required is a basic understanding of the framework of matter, and about an ounce of common sense.

Is you have been in the pool a while, you may have picked up on the terms Dimension and Fractals. Both are things you see and experience every day, so you already understand both terms, and don’t even know it.

Dimension is what “space” and “matter” is made of, and Fractals are the repeating patterns you see all day, every day.

Getting directly to the point, everything your 5 senses can detect is Dimension arranged in Fractal patterns. States of Matter are just different parts of the fractal pattern. That’s it. No big pile of technical books required. No math required.

Fractals exhibit varying amounts of chaos, depending on thermodynamic state. The varying chaos is still fractal, but not neatly repeating patterns. When chaos is high, ordered states of matter bifurcate. Bifurcations are normal business events for fractal. We see the bifurcation as a change of state, but its really just the same fractal in a less ordered pattern.  Its that simple.

Once you wrap your brain around Dimension and Fractals (repeating patterns), complex stuff will start making sense.

OK, that’s the swimming lesson for today. Please enjoy The Pool. Swimming is good for you in ways you never imagined.

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