“There were only the great diamonds and sapphires and emerald mists and velvet inks of space, with God’s voice mingling among the crystal fires.” ― Ray Bradbury

Ever ponder what Space is?

Empty and cold and dark, lonely, huge, eternal, the great void.



Space is a geometric construct filled with fractal goodness.

In technical terms it is a variable fractal manifold, characterized by a cold Dimension plasma.

What in the world does that mean?

It means that space is literally a sea of units of Dimension.

Dimension being a fractal geometry, roughly the shape of a sphere.

So space is literally like a sea of really squishy marbles that tend to self organize into repeating fractal patterns of increasing complexity.

To our senses, space looks empty, but it is not. It is a volumetric fractal filled with increasingly more complex, more dense volumetric fractals.

By increasingly dense volumetric fractals, I mean baryonic materials we know as matter, and energy, and even gravity.

In Binary Dimension Theory terms, “space” is literally Dimension in it’s most simple fractal form, a cold plasma.

Dimension literally holds space open, and gives it an identifiable geometry, which tends toward variations of spherical, or roughly so, which predictably is the same geometry as Dimension itself.

So, Space looks like a single unit of Dimension?

Yup. It’s what self organizing, repeating fractal constructs do for a living.

So, what’s the takeaway from this read?

Space isn’t empty. It’s a definable, predictable fractal construct. It’s Dimension, literally, and it’s the most basic “thing” from which all other things are made.

So, stars are made out of space? Yep. Black Holes are made out of space? Uh huh.

So…..get this….YOU are made out of space.

Enjoy your swim, while you contemplate being constructed from apparent nothingness.

Oh my.