Wikipedia says: Sentience is the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively.

OK, got it. I suspect it also means, to some extent, self awareness. I hope so, anyway.

People are sentient. Animals are too. Plants, hmmm.

Most sentient beings seem to have a brain, or something similar.

SO, here’s the big question…does just having a brain make you sentient?

Sentient thought is an interesting construct. We all experience it every day, all day, and even at night. But, where does it come from? Ever wondered how or why you know why you are you?

Some experts suggest that sentience is an artifact of billions of synaptic firings in patterns in your noggin, as sequenced by your DNA and genes, and maybe too much or too little Taco Bell.

Sounds sort of reasonable, according to what we all learned in school.

It is interesting to note, though, that Binary Dimension Theory suggests otherwise.

In Binary Dimension Theory, sentience does not originate in our brains, but instead in the Undimensioned.

Remember, there are only two Binary Dimension Theory constructs. Dimensioned and Undimensioned.

Dimensioned space is where your body and brain live. Undimensioned is where your thoughts live, and also where your soul lives.

Remember from Binary Dimension Theory, Dimensioned and Undimensioned are separated by a Higgs Gate.

So all day, every day, your soul and your body are connected.

Your brain contains an electromagnetic footprint of your sentient thoughts, which can be visualized by modern imaging techniques, but the actual thoughts don’t originate in your brain, they originate in your soul.

So your thoughts originate in the Undimensioned, and are Higgs Gate linked to your brain, where they are decrypted in the left temporal portion, in the Wernicke’s Area and turned into language and other areas that generate images you can understand. That is unless you ate too much or too little Taco Bell, or drank too much hooch or equivalent.

Why is this important?

Because The Undimensioned is also generalized as Heaven, which means that your sentience is generated in Heaven and transported to your brain. Your sentience is NOT a haphazard biologic process exclusive to your skull.

It means that you are connected to God all the time, and all your sentient thought, even the bad stuff comes from the God side of the Higgs Gate.

That is profound, maybe the most profound thing you have ever read, especially if you believe in God. If not, the physics of Binary Dimension Theory is sufficient to carry the day.

Either way, sentience is really cool, if you think about it in the right framework.

Enjoy your swim. The pool is inviting you to snorkel around.

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  1. Thank you for being so generous and kind as you share your reflections. I’m delighted you’re still writing.
    Sometimes I wonder how sweet life might be if we had the pool of thought for our most primary “education.”

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