Self-Licking Ice Cream Cones

Recently a reader pointed out that using the word Dimension to explain Dimension Theory is like a self-licking ice cream cone. She used a different word, tautology I believe, to explain why my ideas were invalidated by apparently circular logic.

Well, I would gladly offer up the fact that my ideas roundly suck, even without using abstract ancient Greek metaphors…..but I went to the dictionary to see what she meant anyway.

Then I had a good laugh.

Here’s why my Ice Cream Cone is NOT self-licking.

Dimension is taught in schools as literally a measure of length, width or height, or abstractly, a combination of all three. In advanced curriculums, Dimension is sometimes used to connote a seemingly measurable property, such as time.

Ok, so it’s something we are taught to measure to use as a framework for measuring other stuff. Got it.

When you read the word “Dimension” in The Pool, it does NOT mean a length, width, height, or combination of the three. It does NOT mean “time” or any other arbitrarily measurable widget.

In Binary Dimension Theory, Dimension is not a scalar, it cannot be measured, well, it can, but the measurement is completely arbitrary and absolutely temporal.

Binary Dimension Theory is based on fractal constructs, and fractals are immune to any sort of meaningful measurement, simply because of their inherent characteristics.

It would be nonsensical to try to apply the classical meaning of the word DIMENSION to Binary Dimension Theory, so please stop it.

Why did I use the word Dimension in the first place? Because the idea is a good placeholder, with a sense of wonder that is salvageable by adding some original thought and creativity.

In Binary Dimension Theory, Dimension is what holds space open, literally. 

Dimension, in Binary Dimension Theory, has a analog, that I made up to try to help people get their brain around an infinitely variable fractal manifold.

It’s not a good analog, but it gets the idea across, with a bit of imagination, and willingness to ditch the useless notion of measurable widgets you learned in school.

Lots of info on The REAL Dimension in The Pool. Have at it.

Please feel free to get a Pool Cone and enjoy it while you are in The Pool. But there’s a caveat, you have to lick it, it WILL NOT lick itself.

Bon Apetit’