Quantum Mechanics

Well, gee, where to start. Quantum Mechanics would be the one thing that Albert Einstein and I might have agreed upon. Quantum Mechanics is about as useless as it gets.

You see, in the world of physics, there is a fatal disparity between what is predicted to happen in the macro and micro realms.

In other words, the stuff we directly observe every day leads to mathematics and physics that just don’t work at all at teensy weensy scales, or very large scales.

In particular, stuff like atoms, if there were actually things like atoms (hint: there are not), would not work using the same ballistic calculations for things like bowling balls.

Imagine that.

So to remedy this apparent disconnect, the legend of Quantum Mechanics was invented around  a hundred years ago, give or take a little.

Late in the last Millennium, the new Quantum Theory was met with skepticism, but hey, it was the only game on town for talking turkey about really small stuff, so it managed to survive despite being maligned by the biggest brains of the time.

Ok, so jump to today.

Here’s the scoop, Quantum Physics is just as useless today as it was when it originally emerged.

The problem is, that since it has persisted, and sounds like brain candy to average people, it still dominates parts of Physics.

That’s terrible news, and I am here to rescue you from Last Millennium’s worst legend.

Look, it’s really easy.

Binary Dimension Theory works at all scales, and it is BINARY, meaning there are only two parts. Gee, how easy can it get?

The ways the two parts form the world around, and within us, is not hard to explain, and requires no huge brains or math wizards to understand it.

I would encourage you to peruse The Pool. Have a look at the basics of Binary Dimension Theory, and spend a few minutes reading about how the concepts fit together.

You will see, almost immediately, that legends like Quantum Theory and String Theory and Standard Particle Theory and yada yada theory aren’t required at all.

They all tell a small part, but none of them link together, and all of them require extreme amounts of fatally flawed education to understand.

Do yourself a favor, don’t ever think about Quantum Theory again.

Especially if you like cats, as Erwin Schrodinger did. His cat REALLY hated Quantum Theory too.

Have a nice swim.