Quantum Computing

Please look carefully at the attached graphic, because it is what all the folks waiting on quantum computing will look like, sooner or later.

The word “quantum” is only spoken and written by really smart people, right?

I wish it were true.

At some level, it makes sense, sort of, if you are willing to invest in drinking the academic kool-aid required to understand it.

The problem is, Quantum Mechanics is fatally flawed, so Quantum Computing is fatally flawed. It’s just a nonsensical bridge that attempts to explain how really small stuff doesn’t behave the same way that big stuff behaves.

No matter how much time and money is mixed together, Quantum Computing will never amount to anything of substantial value. It is impossible to build cool stuff out of really bad understanding of the way things interact.

Ok, genius, so is there a solution? Well. likely so. Binary Dimension Theory is what Quantum Mechanics SHOULD HAVE BEEN, and is undoubtedly headed.

At least Binary Dimension Theory explains what a quanta is, where is occurs and what it looks like. There are also quantized constructs in fractal geometry, which might turn into a binary computing method, someday, assuming somebody invents a mathematics for fractals.

Until then, no need to swim in the Quantum Computing end of the pool, because there was never really any water in it, just some apparently smart people saying there was. I would caution NOT to dive there.