Planck’s Unfortunate Constant

Gee, where to start.

Spoiler Alert: 

Planck’s Constant isn’t a constant, it’s just a faulty attachment to the failed legend of Quantum Theory.

Yeah, I know, that sounds harsh, but it’s true. Read on.

When a Physics Demi-God like Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck sets out a ” Quantum Constant”, Nobel Prizes fly off the shelf, and people are awestruck for more than a century, it’s really hard to just say “nah, sorry, Max wasn’t even close”…..but in fact, that is EXACTLY the case here.

Considering that Max did his heavy thinking 140 years ago, it was a pretty good guess, but the Physics Train has been off the track long enough.

Max was arguably one of the Fathers of Quantum Theory. Since classical Physics didn’t work at very small scales, Max and his buddies had to invent a legend to create a fudge factor to make theory and observational data align. They had no collective idea WTF they were doing, and frequently bickered over what it all meant.

Then the onset of World War II broke up the brain party.

So…..the legend of Quantum Theory was born, unfortunately. We are still stuck with it today, along with another nine or ten other specialty fudge-factor branches of Physics…..still trying to make theory and observational data align. It’s a hot mess, honestly.

To make matters worse, the entire Physics thing has been apparently stalled for a hundred years of so. How sad is that?

The biggest, brightest Physics minds seem to have been dead for eight or nine decades. How rude of them to just die and leave Physics sleeping in the bassinette.

So what’s my point?

Unifying Physics has been a failed endeavor. I don’t understand how the smartest people in history haven’t even come close to getting the job done.

I spent most of my adult life pondering why.

In 1994, I was gifted a vision, followed closely by a translation, which was great, because frankly the vision didn’t make sense.

The vision slowly mixed with my formal science education, and professional career as a Cryptologist.

In 2012 I started writing about why Physics was the equivalent of a soup sandwich, and why all the things I learned in school explained exactly zero about why the Universe is the way it is.

Over the course of a dozen or so years, Binary Dimension Theory slowly emerged.

It all started from an extraordinarily vivid vision, and evolved into a Unified Theory of Everything and more.

Once you understand the basic framework of modern Physics is fatally flawed, Binary Dimension Theory makes perfect sense.

I wish Max were alive today. He was classically trained and a critical thinker, and I could have used his help. If he had pondered Binary Dimension Theory a hundred years ago, Physics would make way more sense in the present day.

It’s pretty simple, really.

Enjoy the Pool. I built it for YOU.