Physics is intuitive at the human level. We all feel gravity. We all see things move.

What we do not yet understand is that physics is variable.

The characteristics of a physics is defined by the Dimensional Density that contains it.

Since Dimensional Density is variable, physics is variable. Really simple.

There are profound implications.

Time is variable. The speed of light is variable. Length, width and height are variable.

Physics is an infinitely sliding scale. We think it is a constant, but we are mistaken.

We are taught that the technical parts of physics have not changed since Newton.

But experimenters found inconsistencies, and had to invent variants of physics to try to make sense of the irregularities. We invented constructs like Plasma Physics, Quantum Physics, Particle Theory, Special Relativity, String Theory, and Big Bang Theory. The problem is, none of them fit together in an understandable way.

The solution is easy, it has been hiding in plain sight. Physics is a scalable fractal, like everything else. It can, and does, change, and the key to understanding how it changes is contained in Binary Dimension Theory.

Have a look. Good reading. Nice pictures.

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