Francesco De Comite, Flickr by way of the Creative Commons License

; a glyph based cryptographic system used by sentient life forms to create temporary anomalies in Higgs Structures, less Higgs Gates. In a nutshell.

Other than that, maths have no use in Binary Dimension Theory. At all.

That will hopefully change

Math evolved to trade stuff, then to assess taxes, then somebody tossed in a zero, then a place based number system, then some geometry, then a sort of binary, then base 10, then base 60, then a bunch of axiomatic proofs, then algebra then calculus and differential equations and abstracts and series and quadratics and imaginaries and yada yada.

It’s OK for building bridges, moving piles of money and getting a few pieces to Mars, but for understanding the basics of the universe, the whole math thing sucks.

Mathematics tends to lurch forward and backward in spurts. We are overdue for a fractal spurt. Until then, we are dead-centered on a mish-mash of century old theories, largely mathematics based, to describe our understanding of the Universe.

Although fractal systems, and in particular, fractal geometries have been recognized in Mathematics for small centuries, there is no current glyph system sufficient to explain them.

In my experience, nobody has even tried, so far. Well, not exactly true. Steven Wolfram, Francesco De Comite, and a few others have at least started thinking in fractal geometry terms, and enjoyed spots of fame and notariety, which is a lucky lucky outcome. Francesco generated the lovely picture used for this post. Thank you, sir.

No maths, dang.

Seems a shame, since our five senses are specifically tuned to fractal patterns, commensurate with the small range of dimensional densities we experience in our tiny backwater of the Milky Way. There is only one star around, and we haven’t a clue what it is or does, other than spew Higgs Chains in our general direction, for now, thankfully.

In other words, you can see, smell, hear, taste and touch fractal geometries, and even temporarily manipulate them. But explaining them in current math terms is a failure to launch, so far.

Until then, the best we can do is rethink the legends we already created, into a glyph system capable of describing the nuance of fractal geometry, and therefore, Binary Dimension Theory.

Hey, you are in The Pool, so you have a head start on everybody else.

Keep swimming.