Everybody knows what light looks like. Nobody can explain it. Nobody.

Current thinking says that light is packets and waves at the same time, whatever that means.

There are even cameras fast enough to see light actually move, which is cool.

Soooo, what is light anyway?

Well, here’s another conceptual model to add to your collection.

Light is a particular type of Higgs Chain. Search The Pool for Higgs Chains, they are easy to find.

Higgs Chains are made of unquantized  units of Dimension in a particular geometry. The geometry is simple.

At any fraction of time, Higgs Chains look like spheres. The chains are lined up in a row. In other words, axially aligned, pointing in the same direction.

The individual bits of Dimension are not like tiny specks of dust. They are not little glowing packets of stuff. They are not waves. They are more like spiral doughnut holes. Sort of like a whirlpool that work in reverse.

Here is the oddest part, basic units of Dimension look like marbles made up of whirlpools that all share a common center.

In other words, individual units of dimension look like little black holes. Imagine that.

So when units of Dimension  line up axially, they form stronger whirlpools. They move along their common axis until they crash into something quantized, or eventually become so diffuse that they disassemble back  into individual units of dimension.

That is what light is. Units of dimension in a row.

Simple, really. So simple that it has been hiding in plain sight, but we could not see it.

That is all there is to light. Honest.