Well, explaining life can’t be that hard because you are reading this, and therefore have personal experience with the topic, so far. Read fast.

In Binary Dimension Theory, life is easy to explain, and understand. No math, no religion involved.

In our Dimensioned World, life is characterized by the presence of Higgs Chains, Higgs Junctions and Higgs Gates, no new parts required.

If you have not yet found Higgs Chains, Junctions and Gates, simply search The Pool. Easy to find, and easy to understand.

It is interesting to note that we observe life through five senses, and each sense is a specific type of fractal sensor that is tuned to our particular surroundings. They aren’t really very good, but good enough to get us through the day.

So, we assume life is well represented by what our senses detect.

Assuming we can sense life is why we struggle with understanding what life is.

The ESSENCE of life is not detectable by our five senses. The PRESENCE of life is easily detectable.

If you have watched someone die, you know what I mean.


Here’s the gig. Life, as we sense it, is a Binary. One part is Undimensioned, the other part is Dimensioned.

What the heck does that mean?

It means that life is not native to Dimensioned space, but life usually has a detectable signature here.

Life is native to the Undimensioned. Let that soak in.

Our senses tell us that life starts and ends in Dimensioned Space. I mean, babies are born here in The World, right? People die in The World, right?

Not true.

Life transits Higgs Gates, into Dimensioned Space, which is easy because ALL dimension is linked to Higgs Gates, all the time. No trickery, no modifications required. It’s the basic design of Dimension. Check out Dimension in The Pool to find out more.

Life in Dimensioned Space is extraordinary, because it orders Higgs Junctions and Higgs Chains in extraordinary and completely unique ways.

Without the presence of life, Higgs Chains and Higgs Junctions form fractal structures we all recognize. Periodic Table stuff. Energy wafting about. Rocks and Black Holes and the such. Rocks eventually turn into Black Holes and Black Holes eventually turn into rocks, and nobody much cares. Routine stuff. It just happens.

WITH the presence of life, things get wonky. Really really really special fractal structures form.

Life is a specific kind of fractal generator. Life uses Higgs Junctions and Higgs Chains to generate fractal structures in Dimensioned Space. By that, I mean incredibly unique fractal structures like babies and puppies and plants and bacterium and other things we perceive as being alive.

Get it? Life comes to Dimensioned Space and creates unusual structures, like us. We don’t create life, life creates us. For a while, anyway. Read faster. Just kidding.

When life reverts to it’s native state, the Undimensioned, the fractal structures left behind start doing the rock to Black Hole to rock routine again. Dust to dust, remember?

Please remember that Life is a construct our senses cannot directly detect. We know when it is present, we know when it leaves, but we can’t sense it directly. We can detect things like movement and heat, but neither movement nor heat is life, it is just a “footprint” of the presence of life.

OK, so what? What’s your point?

Life is not some statistical abnormality brought about by gagillions of teeny bits of fluff crashing into each other and snogging about until they hit the life jackpot.

Life manifests in Dimensioned space, because it is inexorably connected to The Undimensioned by Higgs Gates. Are we alone? Well, no, of course not.

Can we humans detect all forms of life? Nope. We can barely detect the forms of life we are graced with every day. Ocean Water is a hot mess of life, but it just looks and smells like salty cold liquid to us. Soils are hot messes of microbes and bacterium, but we have to create extraordinary instruments to even see the structures created by life.

Does all life look like us, or maybe seeds, or puppy dogs? Well, in volumes of equal dimensional density, the answer is roughly yes. However, as dimensional density, and therefore, local physics varies, life’s fractal structures vary with it. If you are interested in variable local physics and dimensional density, look elsewhere in The Pool.

Would life in a black hole be made of hydrocarbons like us? Nope. More likely whatever the next level of quantized abstraction looks like. Hard to say, really, because our senses don’t work there. Is there life in Black Holes? Of course.

Is there life in the very large and very small? Yes. Life’s fractals are self organizing and self repeating, and life exists at all levels of repetition and abstraction. We just can’t see it or smell it or hear it.

OK, here’s the mind bending part. Put some air in your floaties because The Pool is deep here.

Like everything else in Binary Dimension Theory, all life is connected to the Undimensioned, all the time, through Higgs Gates.

Life presents as different scales of the same thing, repeated in interconnected fractal patterns, throughout the Universe, all the time, everywhere.

Sooo…..while reading this drivel, you are connected to life forms you can’t even dream of.

They are embedded in you, and you in them, and you will see it, and them, when your soul hops a Higgs Gate.

How cool is that?

Enjoying The Pool? It’s a great life, after all.

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