What’s infinity?

According to Websters;
“unlimited extent of time, space, or quantity, UNBOUNDED”

Gee, that must be a whole lot of whatever.

In mathematical terms, it is called a “limit”, meaning that adding more and more and more of something gets closer to Infinity without actually touching it. Convenient eh?

So to normal people, what does Infinity mean?  Something really large, but the concept is hard to grasp, because our brains are not made to comprehend it.

You are in luck. Binary Dimension Theory links the concept of Infinity to the world around you in a really cool way.

As described above, in Mathematics, Infinity is described as a limit. Of note, Math describes a Positive Infinity, and a Negative Infinity, as function of position on the Number Line.

Binary Dimension Theory links the two Math Infinity limits in a really interesting way.

Binary Dimension Theory says there is an Infinitely Large and an Infinitely Small.


The Pool is deep here. Ready?

In Binary Dimension Theory, the limit is an equivalence, meaning that the limit of the very small and limit of the very large are the same limit. They converge to a particular construct.

The construct is called a Higgs Gate.

Higgs Gates don’t have mass, or gravity, and aren’t the “baryonic stuff” our five senses can detect. Higgs Gates are literally the boundary of the Universe as we know it.

The Universe is an variable fractal manifold, meaning it’s like a bubble of sorts, that can stretch or change size.

So, where did all the stuff in the Universe come from?

Everything in the Universe entered through a Higgs Gate, and everything that leaves the Universe exits through a Higgs Gate.

Cool Huh? Higgs Gates are the coolest “things” you have never heard of.

In Binary Dimension Theory terms, there are two (Binary) constructs; DImensioned and Undimensioned.

Higgs Gates are the literal boundary condition that separates Dimensioned from Undimensioned.

So what?

Well, it means that Higgs Gates are an inexorable link between all the stuff around us, and, all the non-physical, logical constructs things like our thoughts and feelings, and God, that we can’t directly observe, but know exist.

It also means that Higgs Gates are the pathways that allow thoughts, and feelings, and God to move into, and out of,  dimensioned space.

It also means that infinite, but intangible logical constructs like God can, and do,  have a footprint, or more accurately, a shadow, the humanly observable Universe.

That is the most profound sentence you have ever read, or will ever read.

The concept of Infinity gives a Physics explanation to God, and the Binary Dimension construct of Higgs Gate gives a pathway for God to directly influence the Universe. How cool is that?

Having a nice swim?

Enjoy The Pool…