What’s infinity?

According to Websters;
“unlimited extent of time, space, or quantity, UNBOUNDED”

Gee, that must be a whole lot of whatever.

In mathematical terms, it is called a “limit”, meaning that adding more and more and more of something gets closer to Infinity without actually touching it. Convenient eh?

So to normal people, what does Infinity mean?  Not much, actually, because our brains are not made to comprehend it.

You are in luck. Binary Dimension Theory has a definition of Infinity that is easy to understand.

It says that dimension and infinity are the same, by definition.

Dimension, being fractal, looks the same viewed from any scale, in any amount or direction. Large or small, its all the same.

The Pool is deep here. Ready?

As it turns out, there is a natural “limit” that separates the very large from the very small, the Dimensioned, from the Undimensioned.

The limit is an equivalence, meaning that the limit of the very small and limit of the very large are the same limit. They converge to a particular construct.

The construct is called a Higgs Gate.

Higgs Gates separate Dimensioned from Undimensioned, the Infinitely Large from the Infinitely Small, from Zero.

So what?

Well, it means that there is an inexorable link between all the stuff around us and all the things like our thoughts and feelings, and God, that we can’t directly observe, but know exist.

It also means that there is a boundary that connects them (Higgs Gate), that allows thoughts, and feelings, and God to move into, and out of,  dimensioned space.

It also means that infinite constructs like God can, and do,  exist in dimensioned space.

That is the most profound sentence you have ever read, or will ever read.

Having a nice swim?

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