Higgs Junctions

Higgs Junction. Remember that.

A Higgs Junction is a fractal lattice formed by conjoined Higgs Chains.

A very simple rule set defines the geometric structure of the fractal lattice, and the dimensional density of the structure. The simple rule set is a function of the local physics the Higgs Junction forms in.

You know Higgs Junctions well.

The Periodic Table is made of Higgs Junctions, which means everything that we heretofore ascribed “mass” to in The Universe is made of Higgs Junctions.

The fractal skeletons of Higgs  Junctions resemble an hour glass enclosed inside a glass sphere. In geometric terms, they are double horned toroids. They are both stuff and field forces that define the geometry of the stuff.

The double horned toroid geometry is a conjunction of two single horned toroids into a single fractal hybrid. Higgs Junctions are really cool, and in our neck of the woods, are composites of the remains of star cycles, that is, the life and death of local stars.

It is interesting to note that Higgs Junctions, because of their hybrid fractal geometry, are inherently unstable, and highly susceptible to changes in local physics. In other words, Higgs Junctions will not stick around for long. Example: Stars don’t stick around for long.

Also, Higgs Junctions are not the stable norm of the Universe. Fractal Plasmas are the stable norm in the Universe, search for Fractal Plasmas in The Pool.

This suggests that each local physics produces a unique set of Higgs Junctions, and implies that The Periodic Table is much larger that what we currently predict. Likely WAY bigger.

To get a handle on visualization of what Higgs Junctions are;

Remember when you played with iron filings and magnets?

The shape that iron filings make around a magnet are a good visual approximation of the structure of Higgs Junctions.

The iron filings were showing you the shape of EVERYTHING we sense as stuff. You just didn’t realize it at the time.

There is much more to stuff than the part our eyes can see. If we could see electric and magnetic and gravitational fields, we could see the whole Higgs Junction, or at least most of it.

The shape is actually a double horned toroid, which presents roughly as a sphere with two whirlpools inside. How cool is that?

Higgs Junctions are inherently fractal, meaning that no matter how big or how small, they are always in the same repeating pattern, composed from Higgs Chains that share the same fractal geometry.

Are all Higgs Junctions identical? NO. The conjoined Horned Toroids are made of varying numbers/sized of Higgs Chains. The Higgs Chains are composed of axially aligned units of Dimension. Since the Higgs Chains vary in length, their respective Horned Toroids are usually NOT balanced when conjoined into a Higgs Junction.

In addition, Higgs Junctions are subject to direct interaction with local Higgs Chains that temporarily join the fractal structure, but are not stable enough to remain. The Higgs Chain interaction presents as thermodynamic exchanges.  We measure them in terms of heat transfers, although they are merely Higgs Chains that temporarily join, then leave the fractal lattice of the Double Horned Geometry of the Higgs Junction.

Higgs Junctions always share a basic common fractal geometry, always, although some Higgs Junctions have higher Dimensional Densities than others, based on the number of Higgs Chains in the structure.

Our Periodic Table uses Atomic Number to explain the differences between elements. In reality, the number of Higgs Chains in fractal sequence defines the differences between elements.

There are no such things as protons or neutrons or electrons or atoms, or even mass as a separate entity. Only Higgs Junctions, Higgs Chains and Dimension are required to define our Periodic Table, and everything else.

Not much more to say about Higgs Junctions, except that they obsolete things you learned about in school. Electrons, Protons, Neutrons, Leptons, all the “On’s are now OFF, because they don’t exist, never did.

All the stuff in the Universe is made of Higgs Junctions, which, in turn, are made of Higgs Chains, which, in turn, are made of units of Dimension.

It’s exceedingly easy, honest.

Try to keep your nose above the water line. The pool is consuming.