Higgs Gates

Higgs Gates. Remember that.

Higgs Gates are physics constructs described as a conjoined, converging set of mathematical limits. One limit Is where density approaches infinity and volume approaches zero. The conjoined limit is where density approaches zero and volume approaches infinity.

One limit describes a singularity that shrinks to nothingness… the other describes an anti-singularity that expands to emptiness.

Both limits describe where the Universe stops, the literal edge.

That’s the most profound thing you have ever read.

The incredibly cool thing is that the limits converge….at a Higgs Gate.


Ok, shifting to the same construct as defined within Binary Dimension Theory….


The Dimensioned and the Undimensioned share at least one boundary. That boundary is called a Higgs Gate. I named it after what’s-his-name Higgs because he almost pinned the tail on the donkey, sort of, so I like him, sort of.

Higgs Gates are important because they are where dimension comes from.

Inescapable conclusion; The Undimensioned is the source of The Dimensioned (aka..The Universe).

Let that sink in a while. Read it again, because it is the thing you have been searching for.

That’s it. Higgs Gates spew and absorb dimension, which implies that everything in the Universe passed through a Higgs Gate at least once.

Notice that I didn’t write Big Bang. It never happened, but at least you finally know where everything came from.

Cool huh?

Tread faster, The Pool is hungry.