Higgs Gates

Higgs Gates. Remember that.
The Dimensioned and the Undimensioned share at least one boundary. That boundary is called a Higgs Gate. I named it after what’s-his-name Higgs because he almost pinned the tail on the donkey, sort of, so I like him, sort of.

Higgs Gates are important because they are where dimension is born, and dies.

Inescapable conclusion; The Undimensioned is the source of The Dimensioned.

Let that sink in a while. Read it again, because it is the thing you have been searching for.

That’s it. Higgs Gates spew and absorb dimension, which implies that everything in the Universe passed through a Higgs Gate at least once.

Notice that I didn’t write Big Bang. It never happened, but at least you finally know where everything came from.

Cool huh?

Tread faster, The Pool is hungry.

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