Higgs Chains

Higgs Chains. Remember that.

Higgs Chains are units of dimension in a row, for lack of a better way to describe aligned vector fields in unconstrained fractal manifolds.

Higgs Chains share a fractal geometry which aligns and nests. They share a common axis of symmetry, which distinguishes them from other dimension, which is likely busy doing other things, like wasting time holding space open.

You know Higgs Chains well. Higgs Chains form waves and are characterized by apparently perpetual relative motion, or oscillating or vibrating, or what have you.

All waves, everywhere, no matter how big or how small, are Higgs Chains. No exceptions.

You grew up understanding Higgs Chains as energy. There is a huge difference. Higgs Chains are composed of Dimension that is scalable, predictable and self organizing.

On the other hand, nobody knows what energy is made of, nobody.

Not much to remember here, except that Higgs Chains and therefore, energy, is composed solely of Dimension, and Dimension is well defined by Binary Dimension Theory. How cool is that?

No math required. Honest.

Really simple stuff. It has been hiding in plain sight.

The pool is getting deeper. Tread faster.