Higgs Boson and Other Higgs Stuff

Update: Really good news for Bosonians. Apparently, a grunge of Higgs Bosons were recently inferred (not observed), inside the Large Hadron Collider, decomposing into pairs of Bottom Quarks. Whoa, Bottom Quarks, mind you. Ooh la la.

So now you might be wondering what Bottom Quarks are, and whether or not Bottom Quarks are indeed more relevant than Chupacabra, artichokes, and/or Pangolins.

OK, I’m over it now.

The original text starts here………

………. A few years back a group of really smart people, working at the world’s most expensive Cuisinart, in a deep cave in Switzerland,  announced that they had discovered the ever elusive Higgs Boson.

Higgs Bosons are supposed to be tiny lumps of stuff that bequest mass on other tiny lumps of stuff. How convenient. Must be right.

Before that, nobody was sure what mass was, so a guy named Higgs dreamed it up.

Not kidding. Your tax dollars at work. I am not making this up.

How is your swim so far?

Back to reality. There are no such things as Higgs Bosons. There is only Dimension.

I named the Higgs Stuff (Gates, Junctions and Chains) after what’s-his-name Higgs because he is old, brave enough to tackle the problem, and although he was absolutely, completely wrong, at least he tried.

The Pool kisses no rings, remember?

Mass is a predictable, unavoidable characteristic of Dimension, not tiny bits of fluff running about snogging each other.

Every unit of Dimension has a fractal geometry that, from any observable angle,  looks to us like a tiny whirlpool. It’s actually a manifold shaped liked a horned tori.  The fractal compression resulting from the horned tori geometry is what we know as gravity and mass. It’s simply more “dimensionally dense” at one end than at the other. It creates a differential dimensional density volume. Kind of like simple differential pressures.

Ever stick your finger in a whirlpool? Feel the tug? Congratulations. You discovered what causes mass. Consider changing your last name to Higgs, and find out where they hold the next Nobel Prize party.

Really simple stuff. No quarks or muons or atoms or bosons or electrons or leptons to try to keep track of.

Just Dimensioned, and Undimensioned. It’s Binary, remember?

Hope you enjoyed your dip. The pool likes you.