Unfathomable? Not at all. Frustrating? Definitely not. Despite being a vexing unknown of our day, the basis, and explanation for gravity is exceedingly simple. It requires only a child’s level knowledge of Binary Dimension Theory, and no math, whatsoever.

Simply put, gravity is caused by the fundamental geometry of dimensioned space, and NOT an unexplained force caused by interactions between unseen bits of time, space and matter.

The fractal structure of dimension, itself, is the sole cause of what we observe as gravity.

Fractal shapes, like whirlpools or the spiral arms of a galaxy, appear to shrink to the center or expand to the outer ring.

The geometry we see is a dimensional density differential…more dense in the center, less dense at the outer ring.

If you are in the fractal field, part of you is dimensionally compressed.

The compression is what we observe as gravity.

Really easy. No magic involved.

OK, so, what are fractals? The name for an idea we made up to explain why we see repeating patterns in nature. The patterns are self organizing, and everywhere we look.

The name we gave the self repeating patterns is “fractal”, because no matter how small or how large the pattern is, it is made of “fractions” of itself.

If you see a whirlpool in a stream, or a galaxy in the night sky,  all the same pattern, all the time.

If you could see Dimension, it would look like a sphere made out of patterns of  whirlpools, all originating from the center of the sphere. No matter how you view the sphere, you would be looking into a whirlpool’s vortex.

You see, Dimension, itself, is fractal.

Therefore, if there is Dimension, there is fractal geometry, and if there is fractal geometry, there is Gravity, and every other force we experience.

Dimension and gravity are inexorably linked by common design. Once you see it, things start making sense.

Enjoy your swim. Whirlpools and all. The Pool is exceptionally relaxing today.

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