Fractal Plasmas

It would suffice to say that, in today’s understanding of physics, plasmas are poorly understood.

We create them artificially, and observe them in nature, but have little knowledge of exactly why plasmas form, and what they are made of, other than undetermined mixes of stray atoms and loose electrons, whatever that means.

Wikipedia says that plasmas are one of the four fundamental states of matter. I guess that means solid, liquid, gas and plasma. Maybe it means something else. I don’t know.

In todays world, understandable examples of plasmas would be the stuff inside neon signs, lightning, and the surface of the sun, among others.

Other than that, plasmas are a bit of a mystery.

What I do do know, from studying Binary Dimension Theory, is that all Dimensioned constructs, including plasmas are fractal structures.

I also know that plasmas, or more accurately, fractal plasmas are a result of interactions between Higgs Chains and Higgs Junctions.

OK, so here are some plasma thoughts from the perspective of Binary Dimension Theory.

In Binary Dimension Theory, everything in the universe is composed of Dimension, Higgs Junctions and Higgs Chains, therefore fractal plasmas consist of Dimension, Higgs Chains and Higgs Junctions, and their interactions, nothing more.

In Binary Dimension Theory, physics are variable depending on the Dimensional Density of the volume observed. Likewise, fractal structure types are equally variable, leading to the conclusion that fractal plasmas occur in ALL physics, and thus are not limited to the fractal gas plasmas we observe in our solar system.

In other words, fractal solid plasmas are a surety in regions of high Dimensional Density, as are fractal aether plasmas in areas of low Dimensional Density.

Would solid plasmas and/or aether plasmas be recognizable to our senses? Nah, likely not, at least until our senses become attuned to being inside black holes, or being in the most empty reaches of deep space.

Soooo……Plasmas vary with local physics, and take on entirely new characteristics that we may not even recognize. How cool is that? Also, they are all fractally formed, and behave in fractal ways, so are predictable within the given physics they are born in.

In the context of Binary Dimension Theory, fractal plasmas are made of known constituents, follow the laws of the local physics, and are constructed as fractal structures. That’s not hard to understand.

Makes sense to me…..

Enjoy the pool. Unless you hear lightning. Plasmas in swimming pools make for rough swims.

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