Fractal Physics

Current Physics is a patchwork of disparate branches, that combined, can’t account for 95% of our Universe. It’s frankly a confusing menagerie that lacks any sort of unifying theory.

Time to change that.

Binary Dimension Theory is the Unifier.

Everything is made of Dimension. That’s all there is.

Dimension is arrayed in fractal structures as defined within Binary Dimension Theory.

Since all energy and all stuff is arrayed in self organizing, self repeating fractal structures, the Physics is too.

It necessarily follows that Physics is NOT static. It can’t be.

Physics varies with the amount of Dimension in a particular fractal manifold.

So, the Dimensional Density of Black Holes and Deep Space are obviously different. Same difference between being inside a bowling ball and a swimming pool. Different, but closely related physics.

Are the formularies for the above locally observed physics related? Definitely. The formularies are related by Fractal Algebra and Fractal Calculus.  Together they form Fractal Physics, which predicts the behaviors of Dimension across the entire fractal spectrum.

Hey, look, the whole point of this writing is to get you to start thinking about physics as a function of a unified construct, Binary Dimension Theory, instead of having to deal with the theory menagerie in use today.

Just realize that the Giants of Physics, like Newton and Einstein and Higgs and Dyson and Hawking didn’t know the Universe is  a solely fractal construct. They build theories that treat Physics as static solutions based on an essentially static Universe.

That’s the problem.

We will never find the remaining 95% of the Universe, or anything else of physics merit, until we understand the most basic parts, and how they fit together.

Please take a look at the hyperlinks below. They will provide a look at the basic parts of Binary Dimension Theory…..

The Dimensioned

The Undimensioned

Higgs Chains

Higgs Junctions

Higgs Gates

Enjoy your swim. The Pool is nice today.