Flat Earth Theory – Spoiler Alert ( It’s not flat OR round)

Disclaimer: I am NOT a Flat Earther, nor a Round Earther, and never will be, ever, both are simply absurd.


I adore people who believe the earth is flat. Absolutely fascinating.

I adore them because they are clearly inquisitive; (although demonstrably logic challenged), but mostly because they sense that what they learned in school is way wrong. Catastrophically wrong.

In a sort of intellectual revolt, Flat Earthers constructed a thread of logic that explains how they looked at bits of fluff that didn’t add up, saw a conspiracy concerning the shape of the earth, and are the only ones brave enough to say something about it in public.

They then formed a Flat Earth collective, and the rest is history.

Flat Earth Theory is seductive, because some stuff you learned in school doesn’t make sense, and the more you question the parts that don’t make sense, the more frustrated you get with your education, because you swallowed it whole, and paid for the opportunity with a large portion of the most fun part of your life.

OK, here’s the disclaimer, the only bit of logic the Flat Earth Theorists got right, is that their education was, well, serially faulted. Everything else they spout is highly entertaining, well intended balderdash, but not for the reasons you might expect.

In a way, Flat Earthers are way ahead of the Round Earth science community, because the latter has not caught on that they are equally logic challenged, and catastrophically incorrect about the basic geometry of the Universe.

Flat Earther Theorists conflict with “normal people” over basic geometry. The problem is, neither Flat Earthers nor “normal people” got it right.

Cutting to the chase,

  1. The Earth is not Flat.
  2. The Earth is not Round.
  3. Traditional geometry, that is, based on the Axioms of Euclid, things like circles and triangles and planes and lines, will NEVER resolve the argument, because it CAN’T.
  4. The shape of the Earth, like the shape of everything else in The Universe, is Fractal, which is a geometry you were NOT taught in school.
  5. Lots of fractal constructs LOOK spherical, but they aren’t, on closer inspection, they are simply taking the shape of a horned torus, which is their dominant geometry.

OK, since you are in The Pool, I will graciously throw you a Life Preserver.

The only logical construct that resolves items 1 through 5 above is Binary Dimension Theory.

The physical universe is not flat or round, it is a Fractal Geometry, not a Euclidian Geometry, and until you grasp that logic, the physical universe will continue to be too conflicted to make sense.

Oh, and, by the way, watching arguments over whether stuff is round or flat is, well, frankly, the best show in town, so I secretly hope the Flat Earth movement continues to enlist colorful personalities to press the brawl, and that the science community continues to eye-roll, head-shake and wink at each other.

Here’s the unvarnished truth;

The Flat Earthers and the Science Community are equally out of touch with the reality of The Universe.

At least the Flat Earthers are entertaining.

Once you understand Binary Dimension Theory, the whole thing makes perfect sense, and the arguments stop, and you will experience a profound sense of comfort.

So, I hope that you are a Flat Earther, because if so, you are of the right mind set to comprehend Binary Dimension Theory.

Binary Dimension Theory will likely save your life, literally. Especially if you start reading Flat Earth stuff without the life preserver I gave you.

Have an apparently flat, but actually fractal swim.