Wikipedia: In physics, energy is the quantitative property that must be transferred to an object in order to perform work on, or to heat an object.

Beyond that, the definition trail ends. 

Trying to research energy is an academic train wreck.

Nobody knows what ENERGY is, we just know that stuff does cool tricks when ENERGY is around, and it is apparently caused by ENERGY, whatever that is.

Einstein tried to rub the Energy booger on Matter, suggesting that Matter and Energy have an equivalence. You know, the E is equal to M C squared thing.

The problem is that C (the speed of light) is infinitely variable, which makes E (energy) arbitrary, or close to it.

If Einstein had postulated that Energy = Mass, he would have been much closer to being correct, excepting the fact that nobody knows where Mass comes from.

So much for Physics, and Energy, and Mass, as we learned them in school. Both are unsupported legends that we infuse with mathematics try to make sense of things.

In order to understand what we currently call ENERGY, we have to adopt a new framework that allows it to be defined, or at least more accurately described.

Enter Binary Dimension Theory.

In Binary Dimension Theory, there is only Dimensioned, and Undimensioned. That’s everything, honest.

Energy is an artifact of the two, combined.

In the Dimensioned, there is only one quantity/quality, and that is Dimension itself.

So to be exact, DIMENSION = ENERGY.The

Also, to be even more informative, the specific Dimensional Geometry that is directly observable as energy is the Higgs Chain.

If you want to feel froggy, you could imply that the amount of ENERGY in a fractal manifold is equal to the amount of dimension (kind of like MATTER) in the fractal manifold.

The problem is, fractal manifolds are immune to absolute measurement, and even if you could, there is no standing Mathematics that describes fractal manifold expansion or contraction, so whatever numbers you assign wouldn’t matter anyway.

That sounds like nonsense, you say.

There is good news.

Energy is definable in the terms described by Binary Dimension Theory.

The specific binary Dimension Elements are Higgs Chains , which are specific geometries of Dimension.

Best to leave it at that for now.

To recap the above paragraphs,

  • Energy is currently undefined
  • Energy requires a new framework that allows meaningful description
  • The framework is Binary Dimension Theory
  • The framework element that is directly related to energy is the Higgs Chain
  • Higgs Chains are observable , and are composed entirely of Dimension.
  • Energy is therefore Dimension, in the specific geometry of Higgs Chains.
  • Give Higgs Chains a quick read.
  • If you want to know more, you have to swim in The Pool a bit longer.