Our observable universe is made entirely of dimension. Everything.

Not atoms, not quarks, not Higgs particles, not neutrinos, not leptons, not dark matter, not dark energy, or any other fundamental construct yet postulated.

It is all dimension, nothing else… keep paddling, The Pool gets deeper here.

In geeky terms, Dimension is an infinitely variable fractal manifold.

Dimension has a distinctive geometry. The geometry is an ever repeating pattern known as a fractal, and it is incredibly simple.

You know the fractal well, because you see, feel, hear, touch and smell it every day. Sometimes it looks like the arrangement of petals on a flower. Sometimes like a seashell, or a galaxy. You see it in the clouds. You hear it in music. You feel it on your skin. Your nose knows how to decode fractal patterns.

It is all the same fractal, viewed at some scale you senses understand. The reason everything appears as it does is because it is all related by a common geometry, so no matter how closely you look, the pattern repeats over and over and over.

Oh, and the fractal geometry of Dimension is what holds space open.

In a clown-car sort of way, dimension is spherical. In the center of the sphere is a vortex that looks like a whirlpool. It has an open top, a spiraling swirl, and a pointy end that seems to disappear into the middle, somewhere.

The shape of the fractal spiral is a seemingly never ending compression that gets teenier and teenier until it literally crosses a boundary and has no dimension at all. The boundary joining Dimensioned to Undimensioned is called a Higgs Gate.

The fractal vortex shape is what compresses Dimension, which in turn produces gravity, and every other force we see and feel every day. It’s because the pointy end of the fractal is connected to a Higgs Gate that is impossibly compressed on one side, and literally dimensionless on the other.

Every unit of Dimension is connected to a parent Higgs Gate, somewhere. Therefore, everywhere there is dimension, there is gravity.

When you swim in the part of The Pool that describes Higgs Gates, you will see how easy this is to understand.

The Pool is also a fractal vortex. If you swim here regularly, you will begin to understand where you came from, and where you are going. Simple stuff, really.

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