Dark Matter, Dark Energy

When things go badly in the physics field, we invent legends to fill in the parts that don’t add up. By adding legends, the math suddenly works, or the physics makes sense, or what have you.

Such are the legends of Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

In short, neither Dark Matter nor Dark Energy exist at all. They are legends like Leprechauns and Unicorns, only much more elusive.

Current estimates by the most trusted physicists (among others) say that up to 95% of what makes up the Universe is made of Dark Matter and/or Dark Energy.

In a nutshell, that means that wothin the current physics framework,  95% of everything that exists is literally unobservable, and unprovable,  (like Dark Matter and Dark Energy), and the remaining 5% don’t add up.

Satisfied with that? Nope. Time for a better framework.

Hence the reason I write this stuff.

I would ask you to not fall victim to people that claim that it takes a dozen or more freeky deeky theories to explain what we see every day.

The universe is explainable, honest. No legends required. There is indeed perfectly understandable stuff that makes sense, and fits with current observations and measurements.

If you are interested in having a framework to understand 100% of  EVERYTHING, I would enjoin you to spend a few minutes on Binary Dimension Theory.

If you read some Binary Dimension Theory, you will find that nothing is missing…. everything is easily explained by the constructs of Dimension, Higgs Chains, Higgs Junctions and Higgs Gates.

Feel free to investigate those constructs in The Pool of Thought. Easy to find and read. Easy to understand.

It just makes sense. Simple as that.

Gee, have a swim in The Pool of Thought, it will clear your head and restore your faith.

Doesn’t cost a penny.

How cool is that?