Chickens Walking on Paper

Some chickens are smarter than others, apparently. When they walk on paper, people believe crazy stuff is written in the scratchy patterns left behind.

Here is a famous example.


Must have been a smart chicken. These tracks were left on the floor of the Special Relativity cage. Fooled many smart people for over a century. The problem is, it’s just chicken scratch on paper. Pretty much meaningless, and utterly useless, unless you are a chicken.

Energy is NOT equal to the mass times the speed of light squared. Not even close. It’s such a dumb equation, it’s hard to even discuss in a meaningful way. Nobody knows what energy is made of. Nobody knows what causes mass. It’s certainly NOT Higgs Bosons. And….nobody is sure what light is made of, and the apparent speed of light is highly variable….so squaring the apparent speed of a highly variable unknown entity is about as dumb as it gets. It’s just chicken scratch, at best.

At the request of a reader, enclosed are some new chicken tracks for your cryptographic perusal. These particular tracks were left behind on the floor of the Binary Dimension Theory cage.  Equally meaningless, and also utterly useless. Just remember, you saw it here first.

You saw it here first.
G is gravity
G is still gravity

Here’s a cartoon left behind by a wandering chicken.

No chickens in the pool. They know how to swim, but they don’t know that they know how to swim.

If you see a chicken in The Pool, please render assistance, immediately.