Mixing stuff together is fun. We are good at it. As a group, we have developed herd skill in watching and predicting what happens when we mix different kinds of junk together.  We make cool new stuff, and use it every day.

Chemistry is well understood, sort of, at least it seems.

Telling people that their basic understanding of something like Chemistry is badly flawed seems like nonsense, but alas, there you have it.

The problem with chemistry is the framework we use to understand, and explain it.

We use constructs like atoms and electrons and positive and negative charges, and spins and valences to define the Periodic Table, and therefore, way things interact when mixed together.

If you have spent much time in The Pool, you will have read that atoms don’t exist as we know them. You have also read that the constructs of positive and negative charge are ambiguous at the most basic levels. Even the concept of spin is troublesome to explain. We observe them, but have zero idea why they exist at all.

In Binary Dimension Theory,  Chemistry is defined in a construct completely different way than we have been taught. It’s not just re-labeling bits and pieces, it is a completely novel framework that will allow you to understand hard things with ease.

In Binary Dimension Theory, the constructs are far more basic; being Higgs Chains and Higgs Junctions.

All of Chemistry is the study of interactions between Higgs Chains and Higgs Junctions.

Exceedingly simple.

It is so simple, that is is easy to dismiss.

Understanding the way Higgs Chains and Higgs Junctions interact by folding and stretching explains all of Chemistry.

It is not about charges and valences and spins and electron orbits. It’s much closer to an Origami understanding of the underlying fractal structures.

Have a swim in The Pool. Check out topics like Thermodynamics and Higgs Junctions and Higgs Chains and Plus and Minus and whatever else catches your eye.

While you are swimming, try to get a feel for just how simply elegant the universe really is.

When you do, staggeringly difficult topics like Chemistry become really simple to understand.

Honest. Enjoy the water, the pool feels good today.