Spoiler Alert – Chaos doesn’t exist. 

Spent the day looking for sources of information about chaos in fractal systems. Found lots of big words like Non-linear Dynamics, and Cantor Sets, Strange Attractors and Butterfly Effect. It was a total waste of time.

Look, this is easy. No such thing as Chaos. In a 100% fractal universe, lots of things look messy, but they aren’t. The apparent disorder is part of the fractal nature of everything. It’s actually predictable.

We tend to favor things like straight lines and perfect circles, and equilateral triangles and perfectly ordered piles. The problem is, none of those things really exist. EVERYTHING is fractal at every level. NOTHING is perfectly straight or round, or flat. It’s fractal, which implies a Non-Euclidian Geometry

In fact, it is a Fractal Geometry, and huge parts of any fractal geometry appear messy to us, but it isn’t messy, it’s just fractal.

About 40 years ago, a really cool guy named Benoit Mandlebrot was smart enough to question the basic geometry of the Universe. He rightfully deduced the geometry of the Universe to be something other than the Euclidian Geometry stuff we all learned in school. He understood that Fractal Geometry is dominant, everywhere, in all disciplines, all the time.

Yay Benoit. Finally a truly smart human. My hero. 

Then a guy named Stephen Wolfram pushed the fractal puck even more. Wolfram realized that incredibly complex systems emerge from basic rule sets.

Yay Stephen. Finally another smart human. Also my hero, although he won’t talk to me, nor will his minions, so he finishes BEHIND Mandelbrot in the coolness department.

OK, so this is where it gets REALLY cool.

Binary Dimension Theory puts a fractal framework to the entire Universe, and everything that isn’t The Universe. As defined by a few simple rule sets, everything can make perfect sense without stuff like Chaos Theory and Strange Attractors and other seductive but baseless thought experiments.

Enjoy the pool. The waves on the surface look chaotic, but they aren’t, honest.