Mixing stuff together is fun. We are good at it. As a group, we have developed herd skill in watching and predicting what happens when we mix different kinds of junk together.  We make cool new stuff, and use it every day.

Chemistry is well understood, sort of, at least it seems.

Telling people that their basic understanding of something like Chemistry is badly flawed seems like nonsense, but alas, there you have it.

The problem with chemistry is the framework we use to understand, and explain it.

We use constructs like atoms and electrons and positive and negative charges, and spins and valences to define the Periodic Table, and therefore, way things interact when mixed together.

If you have spent much time in The Pool, you will have read that atoms don’t exist as we know them. You have also read that the constructs of positive and negative charge are ambiguous at the most basic levels. Even the concept of spin is troublesome to explain. We observe them, but have zero idea why they exist at all.

Chemistry, as defined by Binary Dimension Theory,  is defined in a construct completely different way than we have been taught. It’s not just re-labeling bits and pieces, it is a completely novel framework that will allow you to understand hard things with ease.

In Binary Dimension Theory, the constructs are far more basic; being Higgs Chains and Higgs Junctions.

All of Chemistry is the study of interactions between Higgs Chains and Higgs Junctions.

Exceedingly simple.

It is so simple, that is is easy to dismiss.

Have a swim in The Pool. Check out topics like Thermodynamics and Higgs Junctions and Higgs Chains and Plus and Minus and whatever else catches your eye.

While you are swimming, try to get a feel for just how simply elegant the universe really is.

When you do, staggeringly difficult topis like Chemistry become really simple to understand.

Honest. Enjoy the water, the pool feels good today.


Wikipedia says: Sentience is the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively.

OK, got it. I suspect it also means, to some extent, self awareness. I hope so, anyway.

People are sentient. Animals are too. Plants, hmmm.

Most sentient beings seem to have a brain, or something similar.

SO, here’s the big question…does just having a brain make you sentient?

Sentient thought is an interesting construct. We all experience it every day, all day, and even at night. But, where does it come from? Ever wondered how or why you know why you are you?

Some experts suggest that sentience is an artifact of billions of synaptic firings in patterns in your noggin, as sequenced by your DNA and genes, and maybe too much or too little Taco Bell.

Sounds sort of reasonable, according to what we all learned in school.

It is interesting to note, though, that Binary Dimension Theory suggests otherwise.

In Binary Dimension Theory, sentience does not originate in our brains, but instead in the Undimensioned.

Remember, there are only two Binary Dimension Theory constructs. Dimensioned and Undimensioned.

Dimensioned space is where your body and brain live. Undimensioned is where your thoughts live, and also where your soul lives.

Remember from Binary Dimension Theory, Dimensioned and Undimensioned are separated by a Higgs Gate.

So all day, every day, your soul and your body are connected.

Your brain contains an electromagnetic footprint of your sentient thoughts, which can be visualized by modern imaging techniques, but the actual thoughts don’t originate in your brain, they originate in your soul.

So your thoughts originate in the Undimensioned, and are Higgs Gate linked to your brain, where they are decrypted in the left temporal portion, in the Wernicke’s Area and turned into language and other areas that generate images you can understand. That is unless you ate too much or too little Taco Bell, or drank too much hooch or equivalent.

Why is this important?

Because The Undimensioned is also generalized as Heaven, which means that your sentience is generated in Heaven and transported to your brain. Your sentience is NOT a haphazard biologic process exclusive to your skull.

It means that you are connected to God all the time, and all your sentient thought, even the bad stuff comes from the God side of the Higgs Gate.

That is profound, maybe the most profound thing you have ever read, especially if you believe in God. If not, the physics of Binary Dimension Theory as sufficient to carry the day.

Either way, sentience is really cool, if you think about it in the right framework.

Enjoy your swim. The pool is inviting you to snorkel around.

Fractal Plasmas

It would suffice to say that, in today’s understanding of physics, plasmas are poorly understood.

We create them artificially, and observe them in nature, but have little knowledge of exactly why plasmas form, and what they are made of, other than undetermined mixes of stray atoms and loose electrons, whatever that means.

Wikipedia says that plasmas are one of the four fundamental states of matter. I guess that means solid, liquid, gas and plasma. Maybe it means something else. I don’t know.

In todays world, understandable examples of plasmas would be the stuff inside neon signs, lightning, and the surface of the sun, among others.

Other than that, plasmas are a bit of a mystery.

What I do do know, from studying Binary Dimension Theory, is that all Dimensioned constructs, including plasmas are fractal structures.

I also know that plasmas, or more accurately, fractal plasmas are a result of interactions between Higgs Chains and Higgs Junctions.

OK, so here are some plasma thoughts from the perspective of Binary Dimension Theory.

In Binary Dimension Theory, everything in the universe is composed of Dimension, Higgs Junctions and Higgs Chains, therefore fractal plasmas consist of Dimension, Higgs Chains and Higgs Junctions, and their interactions, nothing more.

In Binary Dimension Theory, physics are variable depending on the Dimensional Density of the volume observed. Likewise, fractal structure types are equally variable, leading to the conclusion that fractal plasmas occur in ALL physics, and thus are not limited to the fractal gas plasmas we observe in our solar system.

In other words, fractal solid plasmas are a surety in regions of high Dimensional Density, as are fractal aether plasmas in areas of low Dimensional Density.

Would solid plasmas and/or aether plasmas be recognizable to our senses? Nah, likely not, at least until our senses become attuned to being inside black holes, or being in the most empty reaches of deep space.

Soooo……Plasmas vary with local physics, and take on entirely new characteristics that we may not even recognize. How cool is that? Also, they are all fractally formed, and behave in fractal ways, so are predictable within the given physics they are born in.

In the context of Binary Dimension Theory, fractal plasmas are made of known constituents, follow the laws of the local physics, and are constructed as fractal structures. That’s not hard to understand.

Makes sense to me…..

Enjoy the pool. Unless you hear lightning. Plasmas in pools make for rough swims.

Absolute Zero

Zero degrees Kelvin, minus 273.15 degrees Celsius, minus 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit, or zero degrees Rankine. Pick one, or collect the whole set.

What in the world is Absolute Zero, anyway?

It is a theoretical concept involving temperature. A lot of effort went into developing the concept. Lots of smart people.

The problem is that concepts like temperature and energy are easy to observe but incredibly difficult to explain. If you take the time to look them up, you will understand what I mean.

For example, energy is defined by the ability to do work, and energy and temperature are inexorably related. So, somehow temperature and work are related. That leads to Thermodynamics, which is roughly understood by math, sort of.

The problem is that there is no overarching framework that defines all the stuff we see and feel and measure. The framework is simply missing, and nobody seems to notice or care.

This blog introduces Binary Dimension Theory. In Binary Dimension Theory there is a framework that relates concepts like temperature and thermodynamics and work and whatever else you can think of, under one construct.

When things can be broken down to a single theory, why everything fits together is much easier to understand, and to extrapolate into future knowledge.

The fractal nature of things, as defined by Binary Dimension Theory is where concepts like Absolute Zero take on meaning.

A better approximation for Absolute Zero might be asking whether fractal structures have limits of stretch or compression, or twist?…and what measurable characteristics occur as the structural limits of fractal structures are reached.

Binary Dimension Theory states that thermodynamics results from interactions between Higgs Chains and Higgs Junctions.

It also says that Higgs Junctions are fractally dimensioned volumes. Combining Binary Dimension Theory with thermodynamics suggests that fractally dimensioned volumes change when interacting with Higgs Chains, and the changes are likely temporal “expansion” or “compression” of the fractal lattice.

When the fractal lattice returns to it stable geometry it releases Higgs Chains previously absorbed. We measure that as heat transfer. Really simple stuff.

So, notionally, Absolute Zero would be analogous to a Higgs Junction absent any Higgs Chains whatsoever.

Maybe a better term would be Absolutely Ordered Fractal Geometry.

Food for thought.

Not to worry, The Pool has plenty of Higgs Chains to keep you warm.


No tricks here. Everybody knows what waves are because we live in them, all the time. We can see them, feel them, touch them……(fill in your favorite sense here).

If you poke around the internet you will find the following variations of WAVE, among others.

  1. A gesture of greeting
  2. A female member of the Naval Reserve (circa 1940’s)
  3. A sudden feeling
  4. A movement of energy without movement of matter

My personal favorite is #2

For the purposes of this writing, #4 is the red herring.

#4 looks great, as a WAVE definition, until you get to the words “energy” and “matter”, then it takes a “duh” turn.

The rub is, nobody has a clue what energy of matter are. Please look both up in the dictionary, or elsewhere on this site. The results are frankly comical, circular bits of logical fluff that have zero technical merit.  If you dig deep enough, you will eventually find Einsteins work that suggests energy and matter are the same thing.

OK, if energy and matter are the same thing, how #4 above could possibly be true is beyond comprehension, or reason.

So, smart ass, what exactly are waves, you ask?

Easy. Waves are Higgs Chains. Higgs Chains are actually defined in this body of work.

Higgs Chains, owing to fractal compression, actually warp dimensioned space. By warp, I mean physically displace by temporally changing size.

Fractal compression is a unitary characteristic of DIMENSION THEORY.

It occurs literally, when Higgs Junctions come apart, and fractal compression carries on, in a spherical propagation, getting smaller and smaller,  until is reaches a limit where it reverts to a regular old unit of dimension.

You have seen this on the surfaces of water as waves that get smaller and smaller until they seem to disappear. They don’t actually disappear at all, they become part of the dimension the water resides in.

Dimension has an ever repeating cycle that looks like this;

Higgs Chain — Higgs Junction — Higgs Gate

Strangely enough, remembering the above definitions, Higgs Chains loosely define ENERGY and Higgs Junctions loosely define MATTER/MASS.

Higgs Gates, on the other hand, we do not have a scholastic construct for.

Higgs Gates do one of two things; they either act as a dam, or as a gate. Stuff held by the dam repeats the Dimension Cycle over and over and over.

Stuff that traverses the Higgs Gate becomes Undimensioned. Your senses cannot detect the Undimensioned. You can intuit it only.

Bob Lazar and the Cracker Jack Prize

If you are reading this, you are either a stable genius or a non-stable genius. The jury is out. 

There is, however, a prize at the bottom of this particular cracker jack box.

Last week I stumbled onto a Netflix piece about Bob Lazar.

It was a thoughtfully made piece about a guy that claims to have worked for the Government in the 1980’s, reverse engineering alien propulsion systems.

Sounded like nonsense.

In the video, Mr Lazar drew a cartoonish picture of  a supposed UFO propulsion system.

Crazy stuff. I have never seen a UFO, and am skeptical of the whole topic.

The problem is, I recognized the propulsion system  immediately.

Mr Lazar gave an explanation of the component parts of the cartoon, and how it all worked.

He is clearly a smart guy, but he got it all wrong.

Had Mr Lazar been a student of Binary Dimension Theory, my guess is that he would have recognized the propulsion system and explained it correctly 30 years ago.

He was an engineer. Wrong tool for the job.

Should have used a cryptologist. Duh.

Makes me wonder if they ever got it right.


So what?

Well,  Binary Dimension Theory predicts similar propulsion systems in ways that normal people can understand, if one invests time to become familiar with the terms and concepts.

There is no doubt in my mind that the propulsion systems will work, not only to explain the contraptions Mr Lazar claims to have seen, but to design our own, even better systems.

So what’s the Cracker Jack Prize?

Bitchin’ vacations at breakneck speed. Oh, and world domination. Yeah, that.

Like I said;

Either stable genius or non-stable genius.

The Pool decides. Keep swimming.

Worm Holes

The coolest thing to come out of Hollywood during my lifetime is the visualization of Worm Holes, or wormholes.

They look, and sometimes feel, convincing, and science does it’s best to propogate the ilusion.

Here’s the gig. There are no such things as wormholes. Sorry.

There are certainly physical analogs in nature that we see and understand, though. Whirlpools in a brook, or water draining out of sinks, or tornado shapes or even huge storms as viewed from space.

They all have a telltale physical structure that leads to our notion of wormholes in space that lead to really cool vacation spots.

That whirlpool shape. It repeats in nature over and over and over, for good reason.

If you have spent much time in The Pool, you will have read bits about Higgs Chains, and the basic fractal geometry of Dimension. Both give a window into that Whirlpool shape, and exactly what causes it.

I will repeat it here, for your convenience. Fractal Compression is the phenomenon that gives rise to the Whirlpools observed in nature. Simple as that.

Well, hold on, if Binary Dimension Theory contains structures that explain whirlpools, why not wormholes.

Well, you are in luck.

It’s not exactly the Hollywood version of wormholes, but there are some similarities predicted by, and within, Binary Dimension Theory.

I will leave you with a teaser of sorts. Binary Dimension Theory predicts volumes in cartesian fractal  manifolds that connect blobs of dimension.

The volumes are predicted to be cyllindrical, axially aligned, and connected across vast volumes.

In a picture of the Universe they would look like threads connecting galaxies or groups of galaxies.

I do not know if they have been observed yet, but they are there, and may have a component that is visible in wavelengths we can observe, if we know how and where to look.

Are they wormholes? No, not in the Hollywood sense. They are, however, connectors of sorts, that are likely traversable by objects of roughly similar Dimensional Density.

If you see a water slide in The Pool, feel free to climb in, although the return path may be an enigma wrapped in a riddle.


Like time, this topic is laughable.

Once again, everybody has heard of it, and a few can describe it, sort of. A few have made Anti-Matter their life’s work at prestigious laboratories using your tax dollars. Scary thought.

Anti-Matter is an interesting legend with no basis in fact.


OK, so is there an analogue to Anti-Matter in Binary Dimension Theory?


In a philosophical way, sort of.

There is Dimensioned and Un-Dimensioned.

Can Un-Dimensioned be present in a Dimensioned Manifold?


Oh, how can that be, Senor Houdini?… casually ask.

Well, your thoughts are good examples of undimensioned constructs that have a temporal presence in Dimensioned Space. Well, more like bio-electromagnetic shadows of undimensioned constructs in dimensioned space. Teeny little traces that exist in your brain as wee little pertubations, that wink back into nothingness when least expected.

So is that like Anti-Matter?


According to legend, Anti-Matter blows shit up. BOOM! Sometime thoughts blow shit up, but it’s a different kind of shit. Pardon my French.

OK, so there is no nexus between Anti-Matter and Binary Dimension Theory.


Glad we sorted that out.

If you see an Anti-Matter pool, run away, because if you jump in it, it will blow your shit up, like the guy in the picture, according to legend.

The Pool of Thought is safer, sort of.


Wikipedia: In physics, energy is the quantitative property that must be transferred to an object in order to perform work on, or to heat, the object.

That’s kind of where the trail ends because there is no Wikipedia article for quantitative property. There are things like physical properties, and such, which are, I guess, are properties that can be represented by numbers.

OK, like numbers  of what? Hmm… No further clues.

Trying to research energy is an academic train wreck.

Nobody knows what it is, we just know that stuff does cool tricks, and it is apparently caused by ENERGY, whatever that is.

Einstein tried to rub the Energy booger on Matter, suggesting that Matter and Energy have an equivalence. You know, the E is equal to M C squared thing.

The problem is that C (the speed of light) is infinitely variable, which makes E (energy) arbitrary, or close to it.

If Einstein had postulated that Energy = Mass, he would have been much closer to being correct.

So much for Physics, and Energy, as we learned them in school. Both are unsupported legends that we slap numbers on to try to make sense of things.

In order to understand what we currently call ENERGY, we have to adopt a framework that allows it to be defined, or at least more accurately described.

Enter Binary Dimension Theory.

In Binary Dimension Theory, there is only Dimensioned, and Undimensioned. That’s everything, honest.

Energy is an artifact of the two, combined.

In the Dimensioned, there is only one quantity/quality, and that is Dimension itself.

So to be exact, DIMENSION = ENERGY.

If you want to feel froggy, you could imply that the amount of ENERGY in a fractal manifold is equal to the amount of dimension (kind of like MATTER) in the fractal manifold.

The problem is, fractal manifolds are immune to absolute measurement, and even if you could, there is no standing Mathematics that describes fractal manifold expansion or contraction, so whatever numbers you assign wouldn’t matter anyway.

OK, not-Einstein, that sounds like nonsense, you say.

There is good news.

Energy is definable in the terms described by Binary Dimension Theory.

The specific terms are Higgs Chains and Higgs Junctions, which are specific geometries of Dimension. Again, Higgs Chains and Higgs Junctions describe Dimension, and nothing else, because the Universe (and everything not Universe) is Binary, remember?

Best to leave it at that for now.

To recap the above paragraphs,

  •  Energy is currently undefined
  • Energy requires a new framework that allows description
  • The framework is Binary Dimension Theory
  • A workable definition of Energy is contained within Binary Dimension Theory
  • The definition is in terms of Higgs Chains and Higgs Junctions
  • If you want to know more, you have to swim in The Pool a bit longer.







Positive and Negative

Again, an ambiguous start. Lots of meanings for positive and negative.

If you have ever stuck your finger inside a Christmas light socket, or touched the tip of your tongue to the terminals of a 9-volt battery, or seen lightening, that’s the positive and negative I am talking about.

Everybody knows what positive and negative are, but like most everything else, nobody can explain it.

Our grade school textbooks show pictures of little round balls that have a ” + or -” sign stamped on for good measure. I guess that’s supposed to mean something, if you have a clue what the + or – actually means, which is where everything you learned about plus and minus, and electricity, and magnetic fields, and most everything else falls apart.

We are taught that there are mysterious little charges and electrons and fluff that snog about and do magic by making things positive and negative with some sort of Hogwarts spell. The smarter the crowd, the more complex the magic, but honestly, it’s all the same thing, just making up a story to explain what we see.

Hence this writing. Yes, this is just another story to explain what we see, but at least this one makes sense, and doesn’t require a dozen or so other even more complex legends to support it.

For starters, the dominant structures found in nature look like spheres. They aren’t really spheres, but that’s what our eyes see and our hands feel. Our eyes are also spheres, so that we can see the dominant structures. Imagine that.

In a world dominated by spherical structures, the notion of plus and minus has no meaning, literally. It’s ambiguous, at least for all points on the surface.

Pick up a marble or ball bearing and try to differentiate two different points on the surface. Good luck. You can’t, unless there is a chip or a variation.  That’s what makes spheres spheres, the total lack of differentiation. So how is plus and minus supposed to work?

What about the shock we get on our tongue from touching a battery, or the bang that happens when lightning strikes?

Are they because somebody stamped magical little +’s and -‘s on stuff?


Enter Binary Dimension Theory

In Binary Dimension Theory, all geometry is fractal, and the fractal has a pointy end and a big end. Check out other places in The Pool to find out more.

Everything we perceive as plus or minus or + and – or positive and negative is a direct result of having a pointy end and a big end.  Fractals produce a kind of compression, or expansion, and the difference between the spatial compression and expansion we have labeled Positive and Negative, because it was the first thing that came to mind.

We never really knew what created the positive and negative, we just knew it was there, and so we created legends about how it got there.

In actuality, there are no patchwork of legends required. No magic involved.

Just Binary Dimension Theory. 

It’s really simple, and it works.

Once you see it, things get really easy to understand. Keep reading.

Try to stay positive ok? Ha ha.