Flat Earth Theory

I adore people who believe the earth is flat. Absolutely fascinating.

I adore them because they are smart, and inquisitive; (although demonstrably logic challenged), but mostly because they sense that what they learned in school is way wrong. Catastrophically wrong.

In a sort of intellectual revolt, Flat Earthers constructed a thread of logic that explains how they looked at bits of fluff that didn’t add up, saw a conspiracy concerning the shape of the earth, and are the only ones brave enough to say something about it in public.

They then formed a Flat Earth collective, and the rest is history.

Here’s a SERIOUS warning, if you look at flat earth stuff long enough, and tend toward believing conspiracy theories, you might actually adopt their logic, no matter how smart, or educated you are, or how stupid the whole idea looked when you started.

The reason is simple. Flat Earth Theory is seductive, because some stuff doesn’t make sense, and the more you question the parts that don’t make sense, the more frustrated you get with your education, because you swallowed it whole, and paid for the opportunity with a large portion of the most fun part of your life.

OK, here’s the disclaimer, the only bit of logic the Flat Earth Theorists got right, is that their education was, well, serially faulted. Everything else is highly entertaining, well intended balderdash, but not for the reasons you might expect.

Flat Earther Theorists conflict with “normal people” over basic geometry. The problem is, neither Flat Earthers nor “normal people” got it right.

Cutting to the chase,

  1. The Earth is not Round
  2. The Earth is not Flat
  3. Traditional geometry, that is, based on the Axioms of Euclid, things like circles and triangles and planes and lines, will NEVER resolve the argument, because it CAN’T.

OK, since you are in The Pool, I will graciously throw you a Life Preserver.

The only logical construct that resolves items 1 through 3 above is Binary Dimension Theory.

The physical universe is not flat or round, it is a Fractal Geometry, not a Euclidian Geometry, and until you grasp that logic, the physical universe will continue to be too conflicted to make sense.

Oh, and, by the way, watching arguments over whether stuff is round or flat is, well, frankly, the best show in town, so I secretly hope the Flat Earth movement continues to enlist colorful personalities to press the brawl, and that the science community continues to eye-roll, head-shake and wink at each other.

Once you understand Binary Dimension Theory, the whole thing makes perfect sense, and the arguments stop, and you will experience a profound sense of comfort.

So, I hope that you are a Flat Earther, because if so, you are of the right mind set to comprehend Binary Dimension Theory.

Binary Dimension Theory will likely save your life, literally.

Especially if you start reading Flat Earth stuff without the life preserver I gave you.

Have an apparently flat, but actually fractal swim.


Quantum Entanglement

This piece is for my dear friend Rich, a fellow swabbie and Pool frequenter.

Neils Bohr and Albert Einstein had regular cat house brawls over this topic, hence the clearly understandable entanglement graphic.

By the way, neither party got it right. They stopped at the patently obvious, and failed completely to investigate the underlying structures. Alas, such was the state of physics 100 or so years ago.

Quantum entanglement is not something new, it is part of the fabric of dimension, the norm, not the exception. It is not voodoo or spooky or magical or abnormal, or even odd, for that matter.

In Binary Dimension Theory, quantum entanglement is pre-school stuff, so I have a hard time seeing what all the arguing was about.

Everybody knows what chains are. Links that are hooked together sequentially.

OK, nothing new here. The particular kind of chain that explains quantum entanglement is called a Higgs Chain.

Higgs Chains are axially aligned bits of dimension. They would look like whirlpools nested inside whirlpools, nested inside whirlpools.

Anywhere along the Higgs Chain, you will find entanglement. It is the nature of fractal geometry. It is also the nature of a chain, I mean seriously, have you ever met a chain that wasn’t entangled? No tangled links = no chain. Duh.

Feel free to peruse Higgs Chains elsewhere in The Pool, or not.

Oh, but here’s the big surprise, quantum entanglement is actually spherical, not just run of the mill, linear, point to point stuff, which is all that the Chinese have pieced together so far. So when the 50lb heads get far along enough to see the spherical nature of entanglement, there will be Nobel Prizes all around. Funny how life works.

What does this mean? It means that the framework we use to describe stuff is hosed up like a soup sandwich. Einstein and Bohr quarreled over how “spooky” quantum entanglement is. That is because they were stuck in the axioms of Euclid’s Geometry, which has ZERO relevance to the way the Universe is actually built. Our whole framework is, well, wrong. The stuff you learned in school was, well, wrong.

Step up to Binary Dimension Theory, it will suddenly all make sense.

Enjoy The Pool. Kick your feet. Quantum entanglement keeps you afloat. Imagine that.


What’s infinity?

According to Websters;
“unlimited extent of time, space, or quantity, UNBOUNDED”

Gee, that must be a whole lot of whatever.

In mathematical terms, it is called a “limit”, meaning that adding more and more and more of something gets closer to Infinity without actually touching it. Convenient eh?

So to normal people, what does Infinity mean?  Not much, actually, because our brains are not made to comprehend it.

You are in luck. Binary Dimension Theory has a definition of Infinity that is easy to understand.

It says that dimension and infinity are the same, by definition.

Dimension, being fractal, looks the same viewed from any scale, in any amount or direction. Large or small, its all the same.

The Pool is deep here. Ready?

As it turns out, there is a natural “limit” that separates the very large from the very small, the Dimensioned, from the Undimensioned.

The limit is an equivalence, meaning that the limit of the very small and limit of the very large are the same limit. They converge to a particular construct.

The construct is called a Higgs Gate.

Higgs Gates separate Dimensioned from Undimensioned, the Infinitely Large from the Infinitely Small, from Zero.

So what?

Well, it means that there is an inexorable link between all the stuff around us and all the things like our thoughts and feelings, and God, that we can’t directly observe, but know exist.

It also means that there is a boundary that connects them (Higgs Gate), that allows thoughts, and feelings, and God to move into, and out of,  dimensioned space.

It also means that infinite constructs like God can, and do,  exist in dimensioned space.

That is the most profound sentence you have ever read, or will ever read.

Having a nice swim?


Describe zero, please.

Easy to write, hard to describe.

Technically, it has a bunch of meanings, at least one is mathematical, and least one is philosophical.

As it turns out, the mathematical version of Zero was a fairly recent invention. It has an actual definition, and it’s own condominium on the Number Line. It looks like a circle, sort of, or maybe an “O”.

The philosophical definition is the one I am asking you to describe.

So, most people refer to zero as “nothing”

Well, gee, what is nothing? Is it a table with no plates, or an empty church pew, or a saddle with no rider,  or what’s inside a balloon, or what happens inside your brain when someone asks you what zero is, or the endless vacuum of space, or a battery at 0%, or even worse, no internet?

Well, no. Nothing is nothing. Literally. Gee … what’s that?

You are in luck. Binary Field Theory has a definition for zero that makes perfect sense.

Zero is the lack of dimension, and therefore, the total lack of stuff. Zero dimension means zero junk in the trunk. Not even an empty vacuum. Not even total darkness with no internet. It means a total lack of anything, anyone, anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Pretty easy really, but hard to get your brain around.

OK, can you imagine zero dimension?

If you are thinking of a place, that’s not it, because even emply places have dimension. If you are thinking of something really really small, that’s not it, because even the teeniest, tinyest stuff has dimension.

What about thoughts? Hmmm. What about feelings? Hmm. What about God? Hmmm.

So are your thoughts and feelings  = zero? Nope.

Is God = Zero? Nope.

There is a nexus between the notion of Zero and Dimensioned Space. It is called a Higgs Gate, and it has a curious property.

One side of the Higgs Gate has dimension, the other does not.

Zero Dimension and Dimension together form  Binary Dimension Theory, or Binary Field Theory.

You are learning to swim in The Pool. Check out the piece on Infinity. It’s equally cool.

Please remember to breath.

Why We Don’t Know Jack

We all went to school. We all learned stuff.

We think we know everything, that matters.

Here’s the rub….we don’t. 

We have measured a lot of stuff, and built bridges and sent junk to Mars, but at the most basic levels our understanding of the universe, we haven’t a clue.

Smart people know a lot of math and theories, but they all add up to basically zero about why the universe is the way it is.

This blog introduces a different framework for all the stuff you learned in school, and thought you knew, that are all actually legends that explain exactly nothing.

The framework is easy, and once you see it, suddenly everything starts to make sense.

So, jump in The Pool of Thought, and have a swim.


Chickens Walking on Paper

Some chickens are smarter than others, apparently. When they walk on paper, people believe crazy stuff is written in the scratchy patterns left behind.

Here is a famous example.


Must have been a smart chicken. These tracks were left on the floor of the Special Relativity cage. Fooled many smart people for over a century. The problem is, it’s just chicken scratch on paper. Pretty much meaningless, and utterly useless, unless you are a chicken.

At the request of a reader, enclosed are some new chicken tracks for your cryptographic perusal. These particular tracks were left behind on the floor of the Binary Dimension Theory cage.  Equally meaningless, and also utterly useless. Just remember, you saw it here first.

You saw it here first.
G is gravity
G is still gravity

No chickens in the pool. They know how to swim, but they don’t know that they know how to swim.

If you see a chicken in The Pool, please render assistance, immediately.


Big words, set in stone. Lots of equations. Fist fights over Thermodynamic Jailbreaks. Lots of Thermodynamics Sheriffs around, apparently.

In The Pool, there are no Sheriffs, and no rules to break. Binary Dimension Theory is binary. What’s to break?

Look, everybody knows what hot and cold feel like, and that they can trade places, and frequently do. Thermodynamics measures the trading places part.

Thermodynamics is the study of heat transfer, and it is a well understood concept. Unfortunately, the framework used to apply thermodynamics is about as hosed up as it gets, because nobody has a clue what heat or cold is in the first place.

It is like gravity, we observe it and measure it but have zero clue what it is made of.

The difference between Thermodynamics and Binary Dimension Theory boils down to this; nobody has the foggiest clue why hot and cold move around. We can measure how fast they move with great accuracy, but hey, there is a big difference between timing a foot race, and knowing why legs need to run.

In Binary Dimension Theory, there is no hot or cold. Instead, there are Higgs Chains, moving as waves, that interact with Higgs Junctions, and there is a reasonable model of why it happens.

Higgs Junctions are quantized bits of Periodic Table stuff that get hot and cold, or at least appear to.

By interact, I mean that the fractal volume of Higgs Chains merge into Higgs Junctions, and bend the Junction’s fractal geometry the way you stretch a rubber band. When the Higgs Junction snaps back into place, the Higgs Chain leaves as an apparant wave, and the process repeats.

Simply speaking, heat is a measure of the fractal stretch of a Higgs Junction.

Cool huh?

So how cold can it get? Well, as confusing as it seems, the limit for extreme heat and extreme cold are the same limit, the Higgs Gate.

It’s a binary limit and it converges on the same value. No math required.

Really simple stuff. Waves. Swirls in a stream. A ringing bell.

All the same.

Easy swim today. Make waves.


We are expert at measuring the physical phenomena of magnetism. Or so it seems.

In fact, we are novices, but we think we are experts, mostly owing to the fact that despite having all experienced it, we have no earthly idea what causes it.

Luckily, you are dipping in the pool, which, in this case, is about to give you a much more magnetic personality.

Spoiler Alert; if you read the next two sentences you will know what, and why, magnetism is.

Magnetism (which also goes by the alias electromagnetism) is quite the same as gravity, is quite the same as the weak, and strong nuclear forces. It’s all same stuff and shares the same origin; the fractal geometry of the Universe.

Fractals are compressive, and expansive, simultaneously. That’s why everything around us is in some sort of spiraling motion. Everything. It is NOT because some Godlet is twiddling it, it is because the underlying structure of all things is the geometric shape of a fractal compressor or expander. Think tornado, or anti-tornado, or any fractional part, no matter how small. Nesting fractals. All getting smaller and larger, willy nilly.

Fractals nest, and self organize. The process of nesting causes the distributions and shapes of Higgs Junctions to be non-uniform, in the same way a flowing river is full of swirling eddies and currents. It’s all river, it is all on a swirling planet in a swirling galaxy in a swirling universe.

Quite literally, the swirling fractal eddies of Higgs Junctions (which are themselves fractal), produce gravity and electromagnetics and electrostatics and the weak and strong nuclear forces, and every other force previously, or yet to be, discovered, because their underlying fractal geometries are identical.

As long as there is dimension, there will be Higgs Chains and Higgs Junctions and magnetism and gravity. It’s all made of the same stuff.

Simple stuff here in the pool. Once you swim a bit, things start to make sense.

Hawking Radiation and the Black Hole Information Loss Paradox

Unless you have been hiding under a Black Hole, you have likely heard of Stephen Hawking. He was a decidedly smart guy, by all accounts. He penned many physics factoids that are still bending brains well beyond his lifetime.

One of those things is Hawking Radiation. Hawking postulated that Black Holes swirl around really fast and emit tiny bits of stuff, and, if left unattended too long, they eventually evaporate.

Somehow, in that process, Information is lost, or words to that effect.

Apparently it is an Information Loss Paradox.


For me, the Paradox to ponder is why smart people actually believe that stuff.

Hats off to Stephen Hawking for pushing the Physics Puck down the ice, but the PUCK STOPS HERE:

Black Holes are actually not black at all, instead they are amongst the brightest objects in the observable universe.

The reason they are not black, is that while sucking huge amounts of relatively heavy stuff in, they simultaneously spew bits of lighter stuff out. That stuff in a combination of Higgs Chains and stray bits of raw Dimension.

The Higgs Chains, like most all Higgs Chains, are not visible in the wavelengths we are capable of detecting. They simply pass through us unobserved, like almost everything else.

The Observable Universe is a misnomer. We see almost none of it, which is why we have to invent legends like Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

Honestly, we can “see” almost NONE of it. If we COULD see all of it, there would not be things like night and day. There would only be days. Daylight Savings Time would be an infinite construct. Ugh.

Black Holes are decidedly cool though. They are predictable artifacts of Binary Field Theory, in the same way that Periodic Table Elements are predictable. Like Periodic Table Elements and Black Holes, other quantized constructs are predictable and unavoidable because they are part of the same fractal structure which self-repeats as it scales.

So what happens to Black Holes? That’s like asking what happens to a whirlpool in a babbling brook. The answer is, that Black Holes and Babbling Brook Whirlpools are scaled fractals of each other. They can exist, only in a particular Dimensional Density.

When the Dimensional Density varies, the observed object appears or disappears.

Fractals, nested inside fractals, nested inside fractals.

As long as there is flowing water, there will be whirlpools.

As long as there is Dimension, there will be Black Holes.

It’s all the same.

Easy swim eh?

Large Hadron Collider

The most complex machine yet built by man. Enormous, powerful, an enigma to most.

The LHC, like many lesser particle accelerators before it, was built to study the basic constituents of matter. That, in itself, is highly commendable. It is arguably occupied by the smartest people to ever live, or close to it.

Poolworthy people. Poolworthy results, maybe.

Here is the rub, the LHC is designed to crash STUFF together and see what flies out, literally. That would be a good idea, excepting the fact what “the STUFF” is, is anybody’s guess, which makes interpreting the flying fragged bits ever sketchier.

Look,the LHC is brilliant, but will not be a useful tool until there is a framework for decoding the results.

It helps to know the structure of what you crash together. Lacking that, the whole effort is doomed to costly mediocrity, at best.

Enter Cryptology. An organized system for interpreting other, more complex systems.

The LHC is literally a kind of Enigma Machine. However, unlike Enigma Machines prior, the LHC Enigma Machine does not deal in human language encoded in glyphs. It instead deals with Binary Dimension Constructs coded in fractals.

Remember you are in a pool. If you understand the previous sentence, you have a floatie. An AH-HA floatie.

Binary Dimension Theory suggests that LHC inputs, and outputs, can only be interpreted as fractal structures.

Please read the last sentence again, three times, and tell it to the smartest person you know. You are teaching them how to swim in The Pool of Thought. The LHC is drowning, it needs your help.

The Pool feels good, doesn’t it?