Bob Lazar and the Cracker Jack Prize

If you are reading this, you are either a stable genius or an unstable genius. The jury is out. 

There is, however, a prize at the bottom of this particular cracker jack box.

Last week I stumbled onto a Netflix piece about Bob Lazar.

It was a thoughtfully made piece about a guy that claims to have worked for the Government in the 1980’s, reverse engineering alien propulsion systems.

Sounded like nonsense.

In the video, Mr Lazar drew a cartoonish picture of  a supposed UFO propulsion system.

Crazy stuff. I have never seen a(n) UFO, and am skeptical of the whole topic.

The problem is, I recognized the propulsion system  immediately.

Mr Lazar gave an explanation of the component parts of the cartoon, and how it all worked.

He is clearly a smart guy, but he got it all wrong.

The component parts are not Anti-Matter Reactors, Gravity Amplifiers and Gravity Waveguides.

The components are a Fractal Generator (Junction-to-Chain Converter), and a four Fractal Stackers.

The Saucer is essentially a Galactic Surfboard. It doesn’t fold space-time, it creates a dimensional density differential, and then literally surfs the differential gradient.

Simple stuff, really. No gravity involved, no electromagnetic waveguides involved.

Had Mr Lazar been a student of Binary Dimension Theory, my guess is that he would have recognized the propulsion system and explained it correctly 30 years ago.

He was an engineer. Wrong tool for the job.

Should have used a cryptologist. Duh.

Makes me wonder if the raft of dummies at S4 ever got it right.


So what?

Well,  Binary Dimension Theory predicts similar propulsion systems in ways that normal people can understand, if one invests time to become familiar with the terms and concepts.

There is no doubt in my mind that the propulsion systems will work, not only to explain the contraptions Mr Lazar claims to have seen, but to design our own, even better systems.

So what’s the Cracker Jack Prize?

Bitchin’ vacations at apparently breakneck speed. Oh, and world domination. Yeah, that.

Like I said;

Either stable genius or unstable genius.

The Pool decides. Keep swimming.

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