Black Holes

Black Holes are a predictable Binary Dimension Theory construct.

They are, however, not black, and not holes.

Being fractals, they are of the same geometry as basic units of dimension. The distal ends are connected together. Brain bender, indeed.

If our sensors would indulge, we would classify BH’s as one of the brightest things in the observable universe.

Almost everything in dimensioned space lives in a black hole, or in one of the equally predictable fractal constructs that are the fabric of a Black Hole.

Black Holes are fractals, and they would appear to be infinite, but they are not. They can be defined by a mathematical limit, a boundary condition which divides The Dimensioned from the Undimensioned.

In short, they are very, very, large Higgs Gates.

Black Holes are sinks for quantized dimension (matter), and sources of raw dimension.

Black Holes are the norm, we are the aberrant.

Imagine that.

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