Binary Dimension Theory

The Unified Theory of Everything  is represented as a Binary, without exception.

By Binary, I mean that there are two distinct and separate constituents. The Dimensioned and The Undimensioned.


The Dimensioned:

Contains all matter and all energy, and everything in between, including you. The Dimensioned has traditionally been defined by attributes like length, width, height, time, heat, light, waves and Armadillos, among others.

The Dimensioned is a geometry, an infinitely variable fractal manifold that is immune to meaningful measurement of any sort, but we do it anyway.

Strangely enough, The Dimensioned is filled with stuff, units of Dimension, that is composed of groupings of self-organizing fractal scalings of itself, nothing else. No Electrons, No Protons, no Muons, no Leptons, No Dark Energy or Dark Matter or any of the other Baryonic junk you learned in school.

To repeat, The Universe is filled with Dimension, nothing else.


The Undimensioned:

Unbounded, literally. It lacks geometry. It shares zero attributes with The Dimensioned. No length, no width, no height, no time, no heat, no waves of any kind.


Interestingly enough, The Undimensioned is the Superset of The Dimensioned.

That’s right, The Undimensioned is the source and sink of The Dimensioned.

I know, it is outside your comfort range, but remember, it’s a binary construct.

Get that in your noggin’ and things will start to make sense very soon.

That’s it. It is really that simple.

Everything that ever was, is, or will be, is contained in this simple binary rubric.

You now know the basic building blocks of Life, The Universe, and Everything, as Douglas Adams would say. There is NOTHING more. All the stuff like Big Bang, Special Relativity, Quantum Theory, Particle Theory, String Theory, Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Black Holes has been obsoleted by the above paragraphs.

Remember that you are in a strange new pool, and there is no deep end.

Start treading now.

The Pool feels good today…