Like time, this topic is laughable.

Once again, everybody has heard of it, and a few can describe it, sort of. A few have made Anti-Matter their life’s work at prestigious laboratories using your tax dollars. Scary thought.

Anti-Matter is an interesting legend with no basis in fact.


OK, so is there an analogue to Anti-Matter in Binary Dimension Theory?


In a philosophical way, sort of.

There is Dimensioned and Un-Dimensioned.

Can Un-Dimensioned be present in a Dimensioned Manifold?


Oh, how can that be, Senor Houdini?… casually ask.

Well, your thoughts are good examples of undimensioned constructs that have a temporal presence in Dimensioned Space. Well, more like bio-electromagnetic shadows of undimensioned constructs in dimensioned space. Teeny little traces that exist in your brain as wee little pertubations, that wink back into nothingness when least expected.

So is that like Anti-Matter?


According to legend, Anti-Matter blows shit up. BOOM! Sometime thoughts blow shit up, but it’s a different kind of shit. Pardon my French.

OK, so there is no nexus between Anti-Matter and Binary Dimension Theory.


Glad we sorted that out.

If you see an Anti-Matter pool, run away, because if you jump in it, it will blow your shit up, like the guy in the picture, according to legend.

The Pool of Thought is safer, sort of.