Absolute Zero

Spoiler Alert!

Absolute Zero is neither Zero nor Absolute.

Defined, sort of, as: Zero degrees Kelvin, minus 273.15 degrees Celsius, minus 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit, or zero degrees Rankine. Pick one, or collect the whole set.

What in the world is Absolute Zero, anyway?

The short answer is; it doesn’t exist.

Current Science says it is a theoretical concept involving temperature. A lot of effort went into developing the concept. Lots of smart people over a long period.

The problem is that concepts like temperature and energy are easy to observe but incredibly difficult to explain.

For example, the relationship between energy and temperature and work are fairly well understood (as Thermodynamics) within our solar system, sort of. However, Thermodynamics breaks down completely in places in Black Holes and the most distant edges of space.

The problem is that there is no overarching framework that defines ALL the stuff we see and feel and measure. The framework is simply missing, and nobody seems to notice or care.

This blog introduces Binary Dimension Theory. In Binary Dimension Theory there is a framework that relates concepts like temperature and thermodynamics and work and whatever else you can think of, under one construct.

When things can be broken down to a single theory, why everything fits together is much easier to understand, and to extrapolate into future knowledge.

The fractal nature of things, as defined by Binary Dimension Theory is where concepts like Absolute Zero take on, or lose, meaning.

A better approximation for Absolute Zero might be measuring whether fractal structures have limits of stretch or compression, or twist?…and what measurable characteristics occur as the structural limits of fractal structures are reached.

Binary Dimension Theory states that Thermodynamics results from interactions between Higgs Chains and Higgs Junctions.

It also says that Higgs Junctions are fractally dimensioned volumes. Combining Binary Dimension Theory with Thermodynamics suggests that fractally dimensioned volumes change when interacting with Higgs Chains, and the changes are likely temporal “expansion” or “compression” of the fractal lattice.

When the fractal lattice returns to it’s stable geometry it releases Higgs Chains previously absorbed. We measure that as heat transfer. Really simple stuff.

Conceptually, Absolute Zero would be akin to a fractal manifold devoid of Higgs Junctions, or even Higgs Chains. The only contents would be units of Dimension at the deepest edge of space literally holding space open.

At the deepest edge of Space, there is only a deeply cold chaotic fractal plasma. Time doesn’t exist there. Thermodynamics doesn’t exist there. Absolute Zero loses meaning entirely, because it is literally the border of nothingness, and measurement is literally impossible.

Interestingly enough, in Binary Dimension Theory, the deepest edge of space is defined as The Dimensioned side of a Higgs Gate.

Brain Bender: Higgs Gates are fabulously interesting. One side is coldness and emptiness beyond measure, and the other side is heat and pressure beyond measure.

Cool, I mean, Hot huh?

Food for thought.

Not to worry, The Pool has plenty of Higgs Chains to keep you warm.