Quantum Mechanics

Well, gee, where to start. Quantum Mechanics would be the one thing that Albert Einstein and I might have agreed on. Quantum Mechanics is about as useless as it gets.

You see, in the world of physics, there is a huge disparity between what is predicted to happen in the macro and micro realms.

In other words, the very large stuff we directly observe every day leads to mathematics and physics that just don’t work at all at teensy weensy scales.

In particular, stuff like atoms, if there were actually things like atoms (hint: there are not), would not work using the same ballistic calculations for things like bowling balls.

Imagine that.

So to remedy this apparent disconnect, the legend of Quantum Mechanics was invented around  a hundred years ago, give or take a little.

Late in the last Millennium, the new Quantum Theory was met with skepticism, but hey, it was the only game on town for talking turkey about really small stuff, so it managed to survive despite being maligned by the biggest brains of the time.

Ok, so jump to today.

Here’s the scoop, Quantum Physics is just as useless today as it was when it originally emerged.

The problem is, that since it has persisted, and sounds like brain candy to average people, it still dominates parts of Physics.

That’s terrible news, and I am here to rescue you from Last Millennium’s worst legend.

Look, it’s really easy.

Binary Dimension Theory works at all scales, and it is BINARY, meaning there are only two parts. Gee, how easy can it get?

The ways the two parts form the world around, and within us, is not hard to explain, and requires no huge brains or math wizards to understand it.

I would encourage you to peruse The Pool. Have a look at the basics of Binary Dimension Theory, and spend a few minutes reading about how the concepts fit together.

You will see, almost immediately, that legends like Quantum Theory and String Theory and Standard Particle Theory and yada yada theory aren’t required at all.

They all tell a small part, but none of them link together, and all of them require extreme amounts of fatally flawed education to understand.

Do yourself a favor, don’t ever think about Quantum Theory again.

Especially if you like cats, as Erwin Schrodinger did. His cat REALLY hated Quantum Theory too.

Have a nice swim.


The Physics of Death

As emotional as it is, this topic is easy to write about.

Binary Dimension Theory is a great framework to use to understand death, because it is Physics-based, and not legend based. No emotions to deal with. Just Physics fact.

Life has a temporary footprint in Dimensioned Space, like a burning candle.

Life starts and stops here in Dimensioned Space, which we know as The Universe.

To understand death, you must understand the difference between LIFE and SOULS. They are NOT the same things.

Binary Dimension Theory says:

The concepts of LIFE and SOUL are accepted, as nexus entities, based on direct empirical data, and/or the sheer mass of human experience.

– LIFE occurs only in Dimensioned Space.

– Life cannot cross Higgs Gates. Period.

– SOULS occur in The Undimensioned.

– SOULS can connect to Life through Higgs Gates.

A bit about Higgs Gates;

Souls and Life share a Nexus. Souls connect to physical bodies via Higgs Gates. Higgs Gates are mathematics/physics constructs that describe the boundary condition between the Dimensioned and Undimensioned.

It is important to know that Higgs Gates are actual mathematical limits. They are predictable and logically well defined structures that form the literal edges of our Universe.

A bit about Higgs Junctions;

Physical bodies, and all life,  are composed entirely of Dimension arranged in quantized stacks of Higgs Junctions. Higgs Junctions are the stuff we were taught to associate with the Periodic Table as everyday normal Matter.

So what’s my point?

Your Body;

Your physical body is made of Higgs Junctions. Life requires very specific combinations and geometries of Higgs Junctions to exist. When your body is configured correctly, life can exist in your body.

When the Higgs Junctions contained in your body changes state and falls below the required combinations and geometries to support life, life in your body stops.

Your Soul;

Your soul exists independent of Higgs Junctions, and is entirely unaffected by changes to the States of Higgs Junctions in your body.

Here’s the important part. Read this twice, at least;

Your soul is not affected AT ALL when your physical body dies.

To be brief, Binary Dimension Theory suggests that DEATH occurs when the Higgs Junctions in your body fall below the minimum geometry to support life. When death occurs, your soul remains wholly intact. The connection via Higgs Gate simply ends, in the same manner as when you hang up a telephone.

Your soul is NOT destroyed, or even altered, by the process of death.

In Physics terms, it is simply a basic dynamic property between the Binary Components outlined in Binary Dimension Theory.

For me, this is profound. I know, from Physics, that my Soul doesn’t end when my body does. It’s all good.

The proof is in the physics.

Now you know why. No faith involved. It’s pure math.

Cool, huh?

Enjoy the pool today. The water feels good.


Why do Galaxies look like Seashells and Roses?

Good question, which I will answer straight off.

Because Galaxies and Seashells and Roses are the same things in different scales. They share identical organizing rules that define the way they form and grow. They are literally built the same way, so they look the same. 

Well, that’s impossible, right? Nah.

Seashells and Galaxies and Roses and all the stuff in the Universe is made of fractal structures. In fact they are infinitely scalable fractal manifolds that make up a larger fractal manifold.

If you view ANYTHING in high, or low,  enough resolution, you will see the same exact shape, because that’s what fractals are…..self organizing geometries based on simple rule sets. If any part doesn’t look immediately right, just zoom in or out a bit and the shape will reappear.

Yeah, I know, it’s mind bending, but at the same time, it’s exceedingly easy.

Look in The Pool….you will find that Dimension forms Higgs Chains and Higgs Junctions and Higgs Gates. They are all part of a Cartesian infinitely scalable fractal manifold that we call The Universe.

Guess what?

The Universe looks like a Seashell, and a Rose.

Why? Because it has to. At the largest scale and the smallest scale, it always looks the same way.

Fun, huh?

Have a swim in The Pool. Check out all the little whirlpools in the water as you swim.

Do they look familiar?

Maybe like a Seashell, or a Galaxy, or a Rose?

Gee….imagine that.